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Local Eyecare Store A Doorway To Free Eye Exam and Discounts

eye doctors in Nampa Idaho

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eye doctors in Nampa Idaho

Regular eye tests help to detect disorders related to vision before they create major problems. Modern medical treatment devices available in a good local optical store helps to detect and treat eye complications at affordable cost.

Free Eye Exam Option

Free eye exam option available is a great way to get diagnosed at a nice vision center in your area. This option includes cost free diagnosis for patients to detect eye disorders. After the eye exam patients can ask their eye doctors in Nampa Idaho for a reliable treatment program.

The best part is that cost of a basic eye examination is zero or very small to trouble your pocket. Now many eye wear centers are offering these services to their customers. Visitors coming here can get free eye exams with purchase of glasses. These centers use the most cutting edge technology to trace eye diseases and formulate a suitable treatment without time delay. There are available medical exams for all kinds of eye disorders.

Customers Provided With Contacts and Glasses

A general eye treatment plan is recommended by the eye doctor after taking the tests and getting a correct medical report. Customers are also provided with contact lens and glasses following their surgery to enjoy an improved quality of eyesight. Every person with vision defects wonders about the costs of a preliminary check-up. Before going for such deals many people are also eager to know whether these, cover any insurance in case of complications during the process.

Luckily, there are many specialist’ eye doctors Nampa Idaho who are able to decipher the dilemma of their clients. Most of these eye specialists start treatment of a person with zero price check-up. Now clients can be free of worry about initial expense of the eye tests. Free eye exams and tests are offered at many reputed vision treatment centers. Free check-up is offered with purchase of eyeglasses and/or contacts.

Benefit from the most affordable in-store promotion!

Acuvue Oasys contact lenses with HydraClear Plus are available for an entire year’s supply for just $189 after the rebate. A thorough eye exam that includes a prescription for both contacts and glasses is included in this package deal. In addition, Acuvue Oasys with HydraClear Plus for Astigmatism is available for an extra $100 after a rebate for a one-year supply.

How much does an eye test run?

  • Eyeglasses
  • With our in-store Buy 1 Get 1 FREE deal, your eye test for eyeglasses is completely free. This indicates that your eye test is free if you buy two pairs of glasses.
  • Without insurance, the typical cost of an eye checkup is $59 per person. The cost varies by state.
  • Contact Lenses
  • Without insurance, a contact lens exam typically costs $99 and includes your eyeglass prescription. The cost varies by state.
  • You will receive a FREE trial pair of contacts along with your test.

We make comprehensive eye care simple, inexpensive, and pleasurable. Stanton Optical offers a unique eye care experience emphasising superb customer service and cutting-edge telehealth technology. Our retail outlets feature a style and fit for everyone, with more than 3,000 frames and well-known contact lens brands.

We are just next to Texas Roadhouse, on the junction of W. Karcher Road and Caldwell Boulevard.


A reputed local eyecare center is currently being considered as a reliable treatment center for getting free eye exams. The doctors working here deliver best in class medical care and diagnosis. There are special offerings that provide eyeglasses, frames, and lenses at reduced prices with a free initial checkup. These offerings and discounts are of great help to people with vision disorders. It allows for proper diagnosis of all kinds of visionary ailments without having to spend a fortune.

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