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An Expat Guide To Living In Budapest: All The Expenses Related To Budapest

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Volunteers in Budapest

Close to 1 million people live in Budapest. In terms of area, Budapest is larger than Bucharest, Vienna, or Prague at 525.2 km2. Budapest citizens can expect to live a median of 75.7 years. About 52% of people are male, and 48% are female.

You might be pleased to learn that Budapest is a comparatively recent city. It is full of young experts and brand-new families, now that the statistics have been cleared up. Due to the numerous universities, a sizable population of people is students.

English is now more frequently heard on the sidewalks than ever because of the steady growth of the expat community in recent years. It’s also simpler than ever to find housing and assistance that speaks English. Many brokers have excellent English skills and are accustomed to the needs of expats and tourists.

The newer generations of Hungarians will undoubtedly be able to discuss with you even though the older generations typically don’t know English or even other countries (maybe a little Russian).

A Budapest resident

Beginning to live in Budapest might be difficult, particularly if you are arriving from the UK or even the USA. You will need to adjust to a different way that individuals communicate with one another.

Budapest’s central area is home to many houses with a community feel. These are substantial structures with 3-5 apartments per floor. There is a courtyard within with balconies that face inward.

These homes historically belonged to the wealthy middle class. Each building has a caretaker who maintains the building, cleans the common spaces, and handles any problems.

Based on where you relocate, you can discover that while the apartments are completely restored and in pristine condition, the interior of the building and the common spaces are in disrepair. If possible, seek out renovated structures rather than those undergoing renovation.

We have had the advantage of speaking multiple languages together as a married multinational couple. G speaks Hungarian, so it was much simpler for us to coordinate viewings, speak with agencies, and interpret contracts (yay).

Budapest living expense

Budapest is known as a fantastic place for digital nomads. Although this is the case, don’t let it deceive you; Budapest is no longer affordable.

A two-bedroom home in a nice neighborhood with two bedrooms starts at about £650. You might anticipate paying more if the apartment is larger, in a better location, and has modern appliances. Although we are paying slightly extra, as was already indicated, we had a list of peculiar demands. However, since we work away from home, we require a pleasant workspace.

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Prices in Budapest

The prices are typically all given explicitly in the marketing. The “common cost” is one unexpected expense we haven’t encountered previously. It ranges from £45 and €50 per month, depending on the building. This includes cleaning, recycling, and electricity inside the common spaces, as well as the collection and recycling of trash.

The everyday prices are typically greater in the newest or more opulent blocks. For instance, we visited a condo in the lovely Avenue Gardens on Andrassy Street, where the average price was about £130/€145/m. But it also gave you access to a 24-hour travel agency, a spa, a pool, and a fitness center.

Restaurants in Budapest

You won’t get bored easily in this city as many eateries and bars exist. Avoid popular tourist destinations since a set “traditional” menu costs around £15 or €17 per person. That is absurd. We frequently eat at a vegan restaurant in Budapest where a three-course dinner for two costs £10/€12. A superb soup, a main course, and a cake are included for £5/€6 per person.

Additionally, non-vegan food need not be pricey. The most costly areas are typically the major streets and don’t be afraid of walking a little to find a restaurant with a solid reputation.

In the city, customer service is inconsistent. The best customer service and friendliest individuals may be present now, but tomorrow they may be irritable and unfriendly. Though still in Eastern Europe, conditions are becoming better.

Beer often costs around £2/€2.50 in bars. Of course, prices drop even further if you purchase them from a grocery store. For about £3/€3.50 per bottle, Torley Hungarian champagne is our favorite. A decent bottle of wine can be had for as low as £4 or €4.50.

Services and general shopping in Budapest

In Hungary, the cost of clothing and footwear is comparable to that of virtually any other major European city. A few pricey avenues are filled with well-known international retailers and boutiques, like in most cities.

Budapest has incredibly dependable and quick internet. For a quarterly rolling contract, budget between £20/€22 and £30/€35, and that’s if you sign for a full year.

Budapest healthcare and insurance

It would be best if you considered getting healthcare coverage for you and your family, which costs as little as €28/£25 per month. Ensure you obtain your free EHIC card if you are an EU citizen. You have access to emergency medical coverage with this card. Could you make sure you always have it with you?

Paying for private medical care as you go is an alternative. In November 2019, In 2022 statistics, required a knee MRI and paid about £120 (or €135) for it. Blood tests cost between £45 and £50, while doctor consultations were roughly £40 to €45 per appointment. So, not terrible, given it was all personal and I typically received appointments the same week.

Public transportation

Budapest’s infrastructure is excellent, and a car is not necessary to get around the city. Having a car in the city is not handy since you have to charge for the parking, which ranges from £60 (or €67) to £120 (or €135) each month, depending on where you live.

The total cost of insurance and related expenses (road tax) for a car purchase in Hungary shouldn’t exceed £200/€225 per year.

The metro, trams, trains, and buses are all dependable and operate on time. I discovered that a few of the Budapest subways are in urgent need of refurbishment. Despite their aged appearance, they are typically secure.


The city is developing quickly. There are construction and remodeling projects everywhere. The cost of goods is rising as well. In January 2022, we changed the prices in this article.

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