Home Business Bought a new home? Check out these creative interior design.

Bought a new home? Check out these creative interior design.


Have you ever heard the song Country Roads by Bob Dylan? It’s a song that literally makes you feel like going home when you hear the line “Country roads, take me home….to the place I belong?” interior design ideas in Malaysia!

Home means different things to different people. But undoubtedly it is the most comfortable place on earth for you!

Converting four walls and a roof into a comfortable living place is not easy. It takes effort, great ideas and above all, a lot of love.

Have you recently bought a house and look forward to converting it into a home? We have good news for you interior design ideas in Malaysia!

In this article, we have curated 7 of the trendiest interior design Malaysia ideas that will help you create a cosy nest for you and your loved ones.

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Idea #1: Go for two-tone colour combinations

The age of monochromes is gone. Two-toned schemes are in.

According to experienced interior designers, a two-tone scheme helps avoid overcomplication while adding extra definition to the room.

PS: when we talk of two-tone, we don’t consider white, beige and other basic colours.


Idea #2: Use accent wallpapers on one wall

Using wallpapers on all 4 walls of a room is passé. Instead, use accent wallpapers on only one wall and paint the other three a basic colour such as white or beige. An accent wall adds variety while the base-coloured walls will help you play around with coloured furniture. Decide which wall you want the focus on, or which wall the eye naturally goes to when you enter a room and put the wallpaper on that. This will add a sort of uniqueness to your room.

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Idea # 3: Incorporate nature

Our eyes become naturally relaxed when we look at green trees or the clear blue sky. Bring the outside world into your home by incorporating natural elements in your designs. Keep indoor plants in your house. We are not only talking about the living room. Keep a cactus in the bathroom or a money plant in the study. Use the window sill in the kitchen to grow some herbs and use them while cooking.

Of course, this idea isn’t constrained to plants only – but we are talking about getting inspired by nature. Think rattan, jute, wood, marble and other natural materials.


Idea #4: Go for a statement art

The best way to draw attention to a simple wall is by adding an oversized statement artwork. No, we are not talking about expensive art. We are talking about large-sized photographs or something abstract and vibrant that make a statement.

You can use this statement art to define the overall colour palette of your room. Or you can use base coloured furniture and drapes to draw attention to the art on the wall. The right wall art can set the mood for the entire room.


Idea # 5: Be a part of the rug renaissance

Rugs are back! And in style.

Celebrity designers have turned their attention to rugs. Rugs are not just a means to keep the foot warm, but are now being widely used to change the look of living spaces.

Choose rugs to elevate the overall look of the room. Add at least one rug per room….the more the better. Don’t be shy. Go for bright, vibrant colours. The floor is your canvas interior design ideas in Malaysia!

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Idea #6: Incorporate the colour of the year

The shade ‘PANTONE 17-3938 – Veri Peri’, a hue of purple has been declared the colour of the year 2022. No wonder, most professional interior designers are incorporating it in their design.

If you have been wanting to add a splash of colour in a room – go for Veri Peri. If you are not too sure of the colour, we suggest adding just a hint of the colour with plants – potted lavender, purple echeveria or crocuses are quite popular. It will instantly alleviate the mood.


Idea # 7: Incorporate statement lightings

We all know lighting plays an important role in transforming the look and feel of any space. Be it natural or artificial – lighting is of utmost importance while designing a home.

Statement lightings are going to dominate this year. Statement lighting helps draw attention to a particular section of the room – such as a statement artwork.

Go for large floor lamps or big hanging lamps. They will change the look of the room immediately!


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