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What Are Tennis Shoes and Why Are They Used? How to wash tennis shoes at home?

How to wash tennis shoes


Tennis shoes are used when tennis is played. Tennis is game in which you have to use your maximum energy and during this sweating is done. During the play of tennis, tennis shoes are necessary because they are specially design to play this game. So, it is best to wear tennis shoes, you can perform your best by this.

How tennis shoes are made?

Tennis shoes are typically constructed from a mix of natural and synthetic materials. They usually have rubber soles, plastic uppers, fabric linings, and glue to bind the elements together.

Cleaning the tennis shoes

Cleaning the tennis shoes is a important task. The shoes you wear daily, is necessary to clean weakly. Here are some methods mentioned by which you can clean your shoes at home. Some of these processes or methods are given below:

Using liquid detergent

You can use any kind of liquid laundry soap if you don’t already have liquid tennis shoe cleaner on hand. Liquid laundry soaps tend to be more effective at dissolving dirt than powdered laundry soaps or dish soaps.  Powdered solids simply don’t dissolve well unless you use hot water, which can damage your sneakers. The most powerful cleaning tool you have is liquid detergent. Remove the sneakers from the washer and allow them to air dry. Never put shoes in the dryer, as the heat may warp them or damage the glue that keeps them together.

How much detergent do you need?

Since leather sneakers are porous, they’ll suck up the water from the wash cycle fairly quickly and it won’t take long before there isn’t enough water left to do any real cleaning.  You want to add enough detergent to the washer at the beginning of the cycle so that it will still be in solution after your leather shoes have sucked up most of the water. You can use regular liquid laundry soap. The key word here is “liquid.” Powdered detergents will not dissolve in the washer and may leave your shoes with a chalky residue.

Best cycle to wash tennis shoes

A cold, gentle cycle is best for leather sneakers because higher temperatures can wrap or melt them.  Running a load through a hot wash and warm rinse can also cause dye from your shoes to bleed onto other items in your laundry basket. If you’re using another type of fabric alongside your leather shoes, you may wish to run a hot wash and warm rinse. This helps keep your color coordinated ensemble bright and gives active wear fabrics added durability sweat and body oils.

Use of drier

You can certainly use a clothes dryer to dry your leather tennis shoes.  Just don’t put them in the dryer when they’re wet. The heat from the drier will cause any water left inside your sneakers to rapidly expand, eventually ruining their shape and leaving them looking like wrinkled old prunes.

Clean the tennis shoes from bad odor

If you have a problem with sweaty or smelly feet, there are a number of ways to keep your sneakers smelling fresh longer. One is to add an extra cup of white vinegar when washing your shoes with regular laundry detergent. If that doesn’t solve your problems, consider using liquid fabric deodorant designed for soaking into athletic socks or running shoes. You can also try sprinkling your shoes with baking soda before you put them in the wash and mix a cup of white vinegar in with your regular laundry detergent when washing them. Another solution is to add half a cup of hydrogen peroxide to the water and run a short cycle in hot water without detergent after every few wears to kill any bacteria living on your sneakers.

Use of bleach

Don’t use bleach. Bleach breaks down the fibers in leather and can eat through rubber soles faster than anything else, especially when exposed to high temperatures during drying.  Be sure that whatever cleaner you buy specifically states that it’s safe for use on leather and rubber soles you add it to the washer on cold, gentle cycle with plenty of laundry soap. Remove your shoes from the washer as soon as the cycle ends.  Leaving them in too long can cause dye to bleed and warp the shape of your shoes. If you leave them in too long they may lose their shape, especially if they’re already out of shape when you put them into the wash.

Clean shoes by air drier

Air drier your tennis shoes by placing them near a fan or hanging them outside to dry once they come out of the washer so that no heat is applied to speed up drying time. Never tumble dry your sneakers because it can damage their structure and cause warping or shrinkage over time. Run the washer on a cold, delicate cycle. Take out your sneakers and allow them to air dry. Do not use heat because moisture can warp the shoes or melt the glue that keeps them together. To get rid of odor, add vinegar or deodorant to the wash water or run a short cycle with hot water and no detergent every few wears.

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Use of hot water              

You can use hot water as long as it’s no hotter than your hands can stand comfortably, so roughly 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 Celsius).  The trouble with using hot water for this purpose is that many fabrics become weakened when exposed to high temperatures.  Cotton, linen, silk and wool is particularly sensitive to heat while nylon and polyester are relatively immune to it.  If you wash your sneakers in hot water, they may literally fall apart.

Another problem with using hot water is that many detergents lose their cleaning strength when subjected to high temperatures.  The same detergent that can clean a dish or a pair of jeans without much trouble may suddenly find itself totally ineffective when the temperature reaches 120 degrees F (49 Celsius).  When this happens, you’ll suddenly find yourself scrambling for another detergent after realizing that your nice warm sneakers have gone limp and lifeless in the washer.

Frequently Asked Questions                 

  • After how long should we wash the tennis shoes?

Wash the shoes three times in a month. This will give you good and clean look.

  • Is washing the shoes will harm the fabric?

No, it will not harm the fabric of shoes if you use the correct ingredient. And clean the shoes according to required procedure.

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