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How to Find Natural Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry

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In the world of bombardment of websites and knowledge, it is hard to find authentic and natural gemstone jewelry. But to help you with this problem, we are here as your jewelry guide, helping you find the best gemstones and the place to buy them.

Firstly you need to understand that everyone has a different kind of choice and taste. So, it would be best if you keep maximum types of jewelry pieces, which refer to different stones, patterns, sizes, and colors in your stock. This would help the direct customer to choose and pick the most suitable item for them.

Now the question comes, which stones should be picked? See, there are more than 2000 gemstones in the world, but in this blog, I’ll be telling you about the stones which should be picked on priority. So, let us get into this blog and know some interesting stones in detail.


The blue Turquoise is the stone of protection, faith, trust, and friendship. The stone has traces of copper and iron in it, which is the reason behind so many benefits. It is one of the oldest gemstones mined and is acknowledged worldwide. Moreover, Turquoise jewelry is mostly worn by the ones born in the month of December, as it is their birthstone. Therefore, people mostly wear the Turquoise ring or bracelet to take advantage of this gemstone.


The ravishing opal is the stone that brings the energy of love and compassion. Opal is a stone that is comprised of silica and water. It doesn’t have its own light and reflects the light of the object it falls upon. Moreover, this stone comes in various shades, from blue, pink, green, yellow, orange, black, and colorless to multi-color. The most common shape of opal jewelry is the oval, round, pear, and eye drop. In addition, it develops a stronger bond between the couples and allows them to lead a happy life. Moreover, the opal ring is even used as an engagement ring in many cultures.


Garnet is a red color stone that symbolizes boldness, strength, and courage. This elegant gem is popular among gem lovers all around the world. Many people gift the Garnet jewelry to their mothers or wives, and it has a different glow that shines more brightly when worn. The red stone has an association with love, as it enriches the relationship. Garnet is the birthstone of January, indicating the new beginning. So, you can suggest this stone to the people starting their new adventure in their life. From business startup to marriage life, anyone can wear this stone as a Garnet ring or pendant to take advantage.


The soothing gemstone Larimar is the stone of tranquility. It brings calmness and patience to the life of the person wearing it. It only comes from the Dominican Republic in the whole world. Larimar is a variety of pectolite minerals and has traces of iron in it. Therefore, people prefer wearing larimar jewelry to balance their life. Moreover, it helps them to get rid away from the problem of anger, anxiety, and depression. Women choose to wear larimar ring or pendants to their workplace, which helps them to manage their work properly.

The Place to Buy These Gemstones 

Now, the most essential part, where to buy these gemstones from? So, Rananjay exports are the wholesale and manufacturing unit that renders more than 250 gemstones. So, these four stones are must added ones. Some other stone jewelry is an amethyst ring and a moldavite ring. The remaining ones, you can add from your own choice. So, explore the website, understand them and make your purchase. Have a great shopping time.

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