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How To Calculate Pure Gold Content Percentage?


Due to its consistent value throughout time, gold has traditionally been regarded as a reliable investment. It also serves as a representation of power and prosperity.

Gold is used in jewellery making. However, pure gold is not used because it is delicate and would readily bend. Instead, it is combined with other metals like zinc and copper to create an alloy that is tougher and more suited for use in jewellery creation.

Thus, when buying or selling gold, people usually look for purity and karat weight. How can one calculate the purity percentage in gold, and how do they know if the gold one is buying/selling is pure? Let’s discuss this in detail.

How to determine the karats of gold?

It is essential to determine the karat and weight of the gold to determine the percentage of pure gold in the jewellery.

A karat is a unit used to express gold’s purity. It is based on 24 parts of pure gold and is the standard measurement for gold purity worldwide. The gold’s purity is gauged by the ratio of pure gold to mixed alloys. Most solid gold jewellery is between 22 karats and 24 karats.

By checking the karat marks on the jewellery or by testing the gold alloy to see how much pure gold it contains, it is possible to ascertain the karats of the gold item. 

1. Gold marks  

The karat markings on gold jewellery are often imprinted in locations that are difficult to see, and they are represented by the letter K or Kt.

The most typical karat numerals you may encounter are 10, 14, 18, 20, and 22K.

In addition to karat numbers, parts-per-thousand figures are frequently used to identify gold jewellery. By dividing by 10, parts-per-thousand quantities may be converted into percentages.

Furthermore, dividing by 1000 and multiplying by 24 will change parts per thousand into karats.

2. Karat testing

One may get the purity of their gold jewellery examined if it has no markings. Most jewellers do these tests, and if they visit a reliable buyer, they will probably use nitric acid to ascertain the gold’s karat content.

How to know the percentage of pure gold in gold jewellery?

The easiest way to determine how much of the gold alloy one has is truly pure gold is to convert the karats of the gold jewellery to a percentage after knowing their values in terms of karats.

For that, divide the gold jewellery’s Karat number by 24 and multiply it by 100.

For instance, if gold jewellery is 20 karats, you can calculate the percentage of gold by dividing 20 by 24 and multiplying by 100. The result is 0.83, or 83% of gold content.

How much pure gold is there in a piece of gold jewellery?

One must find the gold’s weight to identify the quantity of pure gold in gold coin/jewellery.

Once the gold jewellery has been weighed, they must multiply the purity percentage determined for each piece by its weight to determine how much pure gold is.

Since 20 karats = 83% purity, sellers may determine that 20K jewellery weighing 10 grams contains 8.3 grams pure gold.

How to sell gold for the best price?  

When needing quick money, many people choose to sell their gold jewellery. To choose the best buyer, one can conduct online research on them, compare buyers, read online reviews, etc.

Pick a gold buyer with a good reputation who offers the best 1-gram gold rate in India.

One can utilise an online gold price calculator to find the best price.

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In all areas of life, but particularly when it comes to giving or receiving money, it is crucial to make informed buying and selling decisions. The same applies to gold and jewellery. Understanding the precise rationale behind a price is crucial when buying or selling gold.

Knowing a piece’s percentage of pure gold helps to remove certain external influencing variables and reduce the price of gold in its purest form.

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