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How Does a Bail Bondsman Work?


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Getting someone out of jail can be expensive. Bondsman charge an amount reflecting the bail amount, which is often high and unaffordable for most people.
Here is a brief description of what a bail bondsman does. Should you use one? What are your options when trying to get someone out of jail?

What Happens When You or Someone You Love Arrested?

After an arrest, a judge will set an appropriate bail. The amount of the bail depends on a number of things.

Like the defendant’s criminal record, the nature of the crime or crimes committed, and where the defendant lives, among other things.

One of the ways in which the American justice system protects people from being unjustly convicted is by assuming innocence until guilt is decided.

This means that theoretically, it shouldn’t be legal for someone imprisoned before being convicted.

In America, if you are innocent until proven guilty and have not been convicted.

You’re legally allowed to be free and do what you want.

Bail is a set amount of money that the judge decides has to be paid to let the defendant go until their court date, and this can depend on a number of factors.

Bail ensures that defendants will show up to their court date.

If bail is paid in full when a defendant is arrested, then it will be returned upon completion of the defendant’s court requirements (minus court fees).
Not a lot of people can afford to just spend thousands of dollars.

That’s where a bail bondsman comes in.

A bail bondsman will front the money, in order to get someone out of jail.

In other words, they are vouching for that person and making sure that they show up to court when the time comes.

Bondsmen charge a fee of 10%-13%, which is non-refundable, for their services.

If a defendant, who was bailed out with collateral, fails to show up for their court date, the bondsman will have to pay back the bail in full.

This is because they vouched for the defendant by ensuring they would show up, and they become responsible if the defendant doesn’t.

This may happen after the defendant fails to show up in court. Once they’re in jail, they can be held until they pay their bond.

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Things to know before calling a bail bondsman

Many people think they only have one option in the event they get in serious legal trouble.

However, such is not always the case.

In general, it can be better to go with another choice even if you are facing jail time in the future.

If you are arrested and are thinking of paying bail or not having anyone represent you in court.

Please don’t hesitate to call Angel Bail Bonds. We will listen to your story and explain your options.

In some cases, we can save you time and money by negotiating with the judge to reduce bail or get out of jail without paying any bail.

Cases are sometimes resolved with a release on one’s own recognizance, meaning the court doesn’t set bail.

This is granted when the defendant has no criminal record and they don’t pose a threat to society.

The bail bondsman may seem like the fastest option for getting someone out of jail.

However, being released from jail may not be the end of a rather serious issue.

Angel Bail Bonds

Many people are forced to hire a bondsman and miss the opportunity to get a lawyer.

Which puts them at risk of being at a disadvantage during criminal proceedings.

Angel Bail Bonds is focused on their clients and how the needs of lower-income people are neglected by our justice system.

When you or someone you know gets arrested, call Angel Bail Bonds Bridgeport.

With a team of specialists and skilled lawyers, we can make the best out of any situation which may have already occurred.