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You can Increase Sales with Good Quality and Perfect Size Custom Shoe Boxes.

Shoe Boxes

Introduce your new arrival with new colors and designed packaging of detailed cardboard custom shoe boxes. It’s refreshing and soothing for buyers to see a new shoe closet with new packaging. You can introduce new style end season boxes for more impression. Also, every time new box design can give an impressive impression to customers.

You can increase sales with good quality and perfect size shoe boxes from ICustomBoxes. Its rigid and sturdy material protects fragile shoes from dampness, bacteria, and dust. We have eco-friendly cardboard and corrugated material boxes for you. You can store your product easily for years in these hard boxes. We offer you all box shapes and styles for shoe packaging, but here are some box style suggestions for you.

  • Rigid Custom corrugated briefcase box:
  • Mailer Custom boxes:
  • Custom folding box style
  • Two-box style:

Note: you can get a free shoe box sample with no cut-out and printing charges.

Grab attention with a catchy sketch and animated pictures on Custom box packaging:

We provide you with perfect and eye-catchy color and printing experience with our modern machines and printing methods. Our high-quality and reliable operating lithography and computerized machines are unbeatable standard and quality-wise. Also, for more dazzling and sophisticated effects, apply the matte and semi-gloss coating—also water-resistant aquas coating for more depth and soft touch. Our CMYK and PMS color schemes give perfect multi-blends to your design. Your investment is colorless if you do not have good prints on the box.

Raise or down logos and text on Custom cardboard boxes:

You can uplift or down the text with embossing or debossing for extra finer details. Because embossing gives a 3D design on the text’s surface, it is a bit expensive. But debossing gives dimensional depth to the text.  It gives smoothness to the ink applied easily.

Nominate yourself with the top online dispatching hub with ICustomBoxes:

Technically people are more fascinated by online purchasing. They feel it is most comfortable and lavish to buy online. Your business can never be led if you are not outstanding in online dispatching. It’s a question of your reputation. We design the box according to the density and fragility of the product. Our custom boxes protect the inner material during delivery. It builds trust in us for you and trust for you from your customer. It also promotes your clear image in online business.

Snatch gold opportunity of bulks on wholesale for Custom shoe boxes:

We are providing well-designed, durable cardboard shoe boxes wholesale too. You will be shocked to see our affordable rates. It is a premier chance for you to be on plug-in packaging, but with budget-friendly rates. Please Check our mailer boxes, too, for shipment in bulk for shoe boxes. We add flutes, too, according to the weight of the products. Also, check our custom boxes gallery enriched with new, affordable, rigid boxes for all kinds of products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I get a custom shoe box sample?

Ans: We provide a free custom box with zero printing, coatings, and lamination charges. We aim to satisfy our customers with what they are buying. Also, it fosters bonding with the buyers.

Q: Why is eco-friendly material good for my brand?

Ans: There are many reasons why you should use eco-friendly material for box selection 

  • Reduces waste generation
  • Environmentally save
  • Can be recycle
  • Promotes green living

Why should we invest in packing shoes in a cardboard or corrugated box?

It’s very important to keep shoes in a durable and rigid cardboard box. When you invest a lot in product quality or advertisement, why not on the packaging too? It’s not easy to be on top by just focusing on product quality. You have to be unusually in all aspects. Otherwise, you can never be on trending. Custom box packaging Is a great marketing tool of that time. Also, we provide you with affordable prices, so you should get the benefit of this game charger marketing, too; There are a few reasons you should choose good quality material to pack shoes.

  • It resists moisture (which causes bacteria growth and breakdown)
  • Keeps it safe from the dust
  • Protects shoes from sunlight (causes crumbling)
  • Shields privilege finishes
  • protect patent finishes
  • Guards from accidental damage during shipment

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