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Essential Documents You Need to Apply to the USA Universities

Essential documents

When it’s come to seeking higher education, then almost every Indian student wishes to move to the USA. Do you know why? Simply because The United States of America has some well-recognized universities and has been counted among the most preferred study destinations because of its education system and policies. Are you feeling butterflies in your stomach with the thought of getting a massive shift to your entire lifestyle after moving to the USA? Well, you might be feeling it. But don’t worry! The proper guidance and planning will help you calm your anxiety extensively. 

There is no denying the fact that the application process for getting a USA study visa is surely gruesome. The questions such as whether will you get accepted to the university or not, and the fear of making minor omissions often make every applicant feel tense. But you can get the support of credible immigration consultants to remove the obscurities from your path. Well, we have elaborated on some of the essential documents in this article. Read it to successfully submit your application to the US university.

Take a Look at the Important Documents That You Need to Submit an Application to the USA Universities: 

A Valid Passport

You can travel to an English-speaking country without carrying a valid passport. Otherwise, it can get you serious legal trouble. You should acquire a valid passport through valid means if you want to obtain your USA study visa successfully. Try to obtain a passport that can remain valid for extra six months after you have completed the course. Also, get several copies of your passport before you travel to the USA and avoid exploring the locations around you at night carrying your passport all the time. Without a valid process, you can’t submit an application to a US university. 

English Proficiency Proof

Well, your English proficiency proof will not only help you in getting your application to a US university accepted. But this is also needed to submit jobs and PR requests. Therefore, before you submit the essential documents to apply for admission, get proof of your English proficiency through the IELTS exam or TOEFL. These exams have quite a very wide recognition in almost every corner of the world. 

International Statements of Goals

You will require to submit a statement stating your academic background, career experience, and the justifications you want to study in another country. This is a statement of purpose that declares your goals and reasons why you want to study in another nation. You must submit this statement written with the help of experts while submitting the application to the US university.

 Letters Relating to Work Experience or Sheet of Marks

If you have plans to get admission into the schools in the USA then, provide certified copies of your mark sheets. Don’t forget to preserve the copies of these sheets of marks for future requirements. Provide letters of recommendation from previous employers if you possess work experience. Take note that your preferences for the course that you wish to study in the USA must match your educational background. 

Financial Funds

You have to submit proof to assure the authorities that you are financially stable to fund your entire course in the USA. Well, many students take a step back when they see the cost of traveling to such countries. Don’t worry! Don’t lose hope as there are various scholarship schemes and loan offers that can help you fulfill your dream of studying abroad

Letter of Recommendation

Sending a letter of recommendation can help the management team of the US university know more about the applicant. This statement is sent by a professor or management at an educational institute you have attended which basically states your accomplishments as a student. 

Certificates of Extra-Curricular Activities

Do you wish to get more weightage to the application you have submitted to the US university? If yes, then provide proof of your extra-curricular activities along with the proof mentioned above. Are you wondering about can someone study in the USA without IELTS? Of course, yes, but you must follow the instructions of an expert visa consultant if you wish to study in the USA without IELTS. To get the meticulous details regarding the entire visa application process, reach genuine visa consultants. 


We hope that this article has helped you in getting familiar with the important documents you need to submit an application to the US universities. Furthermore, getting help from the experienced and genuine people around you can remove obscurities from your path.