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Drifters Anime: Everything You Need to Know So Far Including Its Cast, Plot and Release Date

Drifter Anime

Drifter Anime

The setting of the story takes place in an alternative version of Europe during the dark ages, where the Black King’s army has taken over many countries. The main character Shimazu Toyohisa gets involved in a battle between Drifters against mysterious being called Ends along with other characters that have supernatural abilities or are just willing to help this the group defeats them.

One more similarity that may confuse drifters fans, it isn’t an adaptation of the Sengoku era, which could be apparent by looking at its – supernatural, adventure, drama – genre, but it is an alternate version of Europe with some historical references. Many anime fans like Drifters for its engaging characters and plot twists; however, there are still people who wonder if drifters season 2 is going to come out, or this series will remain inconclusive.

Will ‘Drifters’ have a second season?

As of December 23, 2016, the first season of the anime had concluded. It premiered on October 7, 2016, and ended on December 23, 2016. Upon the first season’s conclusion, we learned that the series would return for a second season. There have been no developments since then, although it’s been almost four years.

An announcement was made during the season 1 finale, which read, “To be continued. Tokyo 20XX. See you again, Sayonara.” There is no way to tell what year it may be. Fans will likely have to wait for a while before they can see their favorite masked vigilante back on screen, even if the show has been renewed.

The plot of Drifter Anime 

The art style’s loose, which is usually my complaint about Studio Madhouse anime (see also Noein, You-than Shinwa Taikei ), but since they seem to have based this on a manga by the guy who did Katsuhiro Otomo’s Domu, Naoki Urasawa, it’s not so bad – the characters aren’t quite as simple. It has more of a “manga” feeling, which I think is part of what keeps me watching anime.

The story seems pretty dark, too; in the first episode, we see what appears to be a pretty average family on vacation – mom, dad, little girl, and boy (he looks about middle-school age) and their pet dog.

We learn that the young boy hates his younger sister and wishes she were dead, but we don’t know why yet; he hasn’t told us either. The girl gets lost during a visit to the aquarium while the parents are shopping for groceries (dad) or modeling (mom) and becomes trapped in an exhibit with a white shark.

At this point, the little brother remembers his sister’s hatred of water and becomes convinced that she was killed by the shark and wishes he had let her drown in their swimming pool instead – at which point we meet Dr. Mishima, our first official Psyche operator.

First, I thought it interesting to compare this show with something fairly dark and involved mind control: Death Note. This comparison shows up pretty quickly as we see various people around the world committing atrocities against each other simply because someone told them to do so; these events are seen through TV news footage as well as from inside the phones themselves. The difference is that Light Yagami gets to choose who lives or dies, whereas here, you can only choose to make or not make someone kill themselves, which makes the concept of “controlling people” a lot scarier.

Also, I can’t help but wonder if we’re going to see more about Dr. Mishima and his past as the story goes on (he has some psychological issues).

It’s pretty dark and depressing so far – this is not your average High School anime – but it seems like it will be something more. Something you need to be in the mood for, though; maybe I’ve been watching too many cute-girls-doing-cute-things shows lately (Asobi in Iku yo! / Cat God!), because as much as I’m enjoying it right now, it feels odd to be watching it on a Sunday night… I hope this doesn’t turn out like those other series that had a great first episode and were utterly destroyed by the second.

Characters in Drifter Anime

  •  A notable Samurai fighter, who serves as the show’s main protagonist, is inspired by a similar character of the same name in real life. It tells the story of Shimazu, who is transported into a fantasy world where he becomes part of the Drifters and learns that they are fighting for freedom against the evil that reigns there. 
  •  One of Shimazu’s first allies in the fantasy world, Oda Nobunaga is notable as a powerful warlord from Japan. Apart from that, he is also one of the show’s most important characters. 
  •  A renowned historical figure of Samurai origin, is portrayed as a gay 19-year-old who served with the Drifters. The series often finds him using his archery skills to dispatch enemies since he is a highly skilled archer.  

When will, the second season, be released?

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It is not yet known when the show will be released. It hasn’t been developed into anything that will take the series forward, despite the show’s renewal for a second season in 2016. 

There may be a lack of content as the leading cause of the delay. It consists of only six volumes at the time of this writing. Two more books remain, which means four were covered during the first season. There’s not enough content here for a whole new season. Volume 5 has already been covered by almost half in the three OVA episodes. 

Season 2 of the show might still take a little while to begin production due to the need to wait for the release of new volumes. There is no need to worry, though, as the manga author continues to work on it as new chapters are released in January 2020.

Do the drifters have English-dubbed episodes?

On Funimation, fans can watch episodes of the show that have been dubbed in English.

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