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Cornrows For Black Women: Interesting Information About Cornrows Hairstyles For Black Women


Cornrows for black women

Cornrows were created to protect female hairstyles that could help restore curls and protect your hair from the scorching summer months during the summer. Therefore, if you’re searching for hairstyles for your scalp, you can experiment with you’re in the right spot since we’ll look at 15 hairstyles of cornrows for black women.

  • Cornrows are braided near the scalp, and therefore they are sometimes referred to as SCALP braids.
  • To create cornrows braided hairstyles, you may need to extend your hair.

1. Big Cornrow Braids

Braids with big cornrows are an eye-catching and bold approach to embrace this trend. Braiding with more enormous plaits can save time as more hair is utilized for each row. This kind of braid is also easy to maintain and looks great. 

2. Two Cornrow Braids

The most famous cornrow style is two striking braids. This look is achieved by braiding the hair in a subordinate position just behind the hairline and in an angle pulling the hair away from the face and forming two plaits. A modern take on the old fashion style is to get your hair braided asymmetrically to cover your head. This look is young and fun and can take your hairstyle to the next level. It’s chic enough to wear to work or at school yet is distinctive sufficient to draw the attention of others, and also compliments.

3. Cornrow Braids that are Natural Hair

The natural hair type is the ideal hair for cornrows. This braiding method was first created for untreated and un-straightened Afro hair texture. The best style that natural hair can wear is the side cornrow hairstyle. You can create an Afro-mohawk or faux-undercut look using this method. It’s also an excellent braid for scorching summer days.

4. Four Cornrow Braids

Four cornrows are the most traditional African style of braiding this style. Although you can weave your hair straight and back with the same angle, the new idea is to keep your sides in a straight line. The cornrows above your scalp must be placed at a sharp angle to ensure they align with the braids below.

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5. Five Cornrow Braids

One method to cut your hair is to divide your hair into five sections and weave parallel cornrows towards the rear part of the head. You can finish the braids in the neck’s nape and let the remaining curls fall loose for feminine appeal. This will show the bounce of your hair and its texture and soften the overall look. To add a romantic touch, let your baby be hair-free. This will give the impression of a youthful, playful feel.

6. Side Cornrow Braids

Why not add a distinctive look to your braids by adding side cornrows?  However, if you’d like to go further, you can try combing side cornrows with other braids. An excellent combination is Dutch braids and side cornrows. It is also possible to add distinct cornrows to the crown of the head. 

7. Cornrows with Extensions

Let your cornrows shine by adding vibrant extensions. The bright green, blue, and pink colors make this otherwise simple style an exciting twist. The best part is that extensions can give you an attractive look without harming the hair with bleach or dye. When the wings are woven into your hair, the color change naturally creates striking, graphic effects. It’s a style for the bold and fashionable people out there.

8. Cornrows braided into a bun

It’s not much more stylish than braids tied into a bun. And cornrows make this style even more attractive. If you’re able to braid your cornrows straight before twisting them into this gorgeous and elegant braid, Why not give it something new with this look? Your cornrows should be pleated asymmetrically in a row from right to left. This draws attention to your face and puts the focus on the crown of your hair, as well as your forehead. Try to balance this style with bold eyeliner and winged lipstick like every bun hairstyle.

9. Cornrows in Front, Box Braids in the Back

How can you beat this legendary braid?  They became fashionable in the 1990s and remain popular even today. They are easy to maintain and safe, as braids shouldn’t cause excessive stress on your scalp. They offer a lot of definitions and can be used in various ways. You can braid them in synthetic hair for volume and length in your braids. To create a trendy look with vintage-inspired nuances, combine your braids inbox with side cornrows.

10. Small Cornrow Braids

Smaller cornrows also called “lemonade braids,” take longer to create; however, they’re well worth the extra effort. These braids are easy to maintain and durable after being completed. They’re more potent than other twists and plaits. They can also keep them on for up to 4 to 6 weeks. If you want an elegant hairstyle that is striking but isn’t in the mood for the time, it’s a good alternative. This is also an excellent choice for thin hair; however, you still want the cornrow style.

11. Cornrow Braid Design

Display your uniqueness by mixing your cornrows with different braids. Since cornrows are braided closely to scalps, they can create intricate, striking patterns. More minor twists and braids contrast wonderfully with the more big braids, particularly if they’re incorporated at the right angle. Cornrow braids can transform your hairstyle into artwork.

12. The Cornrow Braids have weave

Weaves are easy to make your hair thicker, longer, and more smooth. You can braid your locks into cornrows after having your weave put in place. One unique style you can explore involves the two French braid cornrows that have the ends leaving the ends untied. This particular look is stunning if you’ve selected hairstyles that are a different shade to your hair’s natural. It’s not just a way to make you look gorgeous and draw attention. It also protects your hair’s natural beauty and is suitable for every season.

13. Feed-in braids and cornrows

Feed-in braids are a raging trend right now. This type of braid involves plaiting hair extensions to create the appearance of naturally long cornrows. Explore different thicknesses for an original style. Cuffs made of gold and other hair accessories look stunning when paired with this fashion. You can opt for a striking or choose a subtle appearance; it’s about showcasing your individuality and jewelry taste.

14. French Braid Cornrow Hairstyles

Traditionally, French braids are flat on the hair, and they seamlessly integrate all hair in the plait. The plat is elevated when braided cornrow style, but it still has elegant and neat-cut looks. The addition of side cornrows adds an extra flair and interest to the hairstyle, yet it is based on the same basic principles as the traditional French braid. Your hair is neatly tied into the plates, and the result is lovely and polished.

Box braids

Box braids have a rich history in Black culture in addition to being a protective, low-maintenance hairstyle. Their beginnings date back to 3500 B.C. The distinctive box-shaped portion at the base of each of these three-strand braids is the source of the name itself. Box braids can be worn free and long, pulled back into a braided bun or ponytail, or even half up and half down.

15. Updo Cornrow Hairstyles

A cornrow ponytail has become among the most fashionable hairstyles currently. It’s a highly cool look perfect for the festival season. It’s because you don’t have to think about keeping it up. After all, the braids will remain in place and keep your hair from your face during the scorching summer heat. You can dress up your plaits and cornrows with ornaments like gold cuffs or rings to give your spin on this striking fashion.


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