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Clove is the hottest shoe brand in the healthcare industry.


CLOVE, the most sought-after shoe brand in the healthcare field, has just announced the debut of its first collaboration with Nurse Clara, a renowned healthcare expert. Cloves Shoes Return, the first-of-its-kind footwear brand developed solely for healthcare workers, has released a limited-edition sneaker partnership.

The cooperation was formed in collaboration with Nurse Clara Jones, a prominent healthcare practitioner. The Clara 1 sneaker is the first time the brand has cooperated on the design and concept of a sneaker with a brand ambassador from The cloves shoes return Collective.

Encourages Healthcare Professionals

The shoe reflects her numerous responsibilities as a role model, an influencer in the sectors of healthcare and lifestyle, and an advocate for the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. It encourages healthcare workers to embrace all elements of their identities, including their personal lives, professional lives, and cultural backgrounds.

The Clove Collaborative

Clove has announced the launch of its first cloves shoes return, which will be with renowned health care professional Nurse Clara Jones. The Clove Collective is a volunteer ambassador programme comprise of a diverse group of healthcare workers that utilise their voice and platform to effect positive change in the healthcare community.

Clara Jones, a Labor and Delivery Nurse with a like-minded Instagram network of 91K people, is a proud founding member of The cloves shoes return. Clara Jones is one of The Clove Collective’s original members. The stylish sneaker made as a result of Clove and Nurse Clara’s collaboration reflects all parts of Clara’s personality, including her background, ideals, and taste.

Clove’s Originator

Joe Ammon, the creator of Cloves Shoes Return and the husband of a Registered Nurse, claims that “”Nurse Clara is the epitome of a modern healthcare practitioner.”

Clara is a dog-mom, the daughter of Korean immigrants, a mentor to other healthcare professionals, an advocate, and a creative soul, amongst many other things.

We wanted to recognize her contribution as a valued part of our team while also recognizing her uniqueness “Ammon elaborates. “We wanted to give her the credit she deserves for her achievements.” “We’ve had the great pleasure of working with Clara over the past two years, getting to know her and observing her growth in both her studies and job,” says Clove Chief Brand Officer Jordyn Amoroso.

Include Elements of Your Individual Personality

Jones collaborated closely with cloves shoes return to incorporate elements of her distinct personal style as well as her Korean heritage into the product’s general design. These aspects include a colour palette that can be customize for various settings as well as an intelligent flower pattern.

The blush tone is mean to evoke feelings of closeness and vulnerability, which are qualities that healthcare professionals must exhibit on a regular basis in order to deliver the best care possible to their patients. The insole of the sneaker has the Mugunghwa flower, often known as the Rose of Sharon.

Flowers that do not fade

Mugunghwa is another name for this flower. Its name, which literally translates to “flowers that never fade,” was chosen as the state flower of South Korea. It is thought to represent the nation’s overall strength and resiliency.

Similarly, it illustrates the unwavering devotion demonstrated by those working in the medical industry, as well as cloves shoes return to continue sow the seeds of mentorship across the nursing community. Furthermore, it illustrates the unwavering dedication of individuals who work in the medical area.

Clara No. 1

Perseverance in the face of adversity and maintaining one’s “why” are two ideas that are more important now than they have ever been. The Clara 1 motivates her coworkers and the future generation of nurses to do each of these things. In addition, the sneaker includes a V-shaped band affixed to the top of the shoe.

This band is unique to the cloves shoes return, and its incorporation within the product lends the design a refined simplicity. Jones stated that she wanted to imbue this sneaker with femininity, elegance, and expressiveness.

Traditional Korean Clothes

Because we wanted to keep things interesting, I had to wear three different outfits when we shot the marketing campaign. The contrast between scrubs and the Hanbok, a traditional Korean garment, is one of my favourite aspects of wearing in both forms of clothing. Scrubs are what I wear while I’m not working.

According to Jones, one of the reasons why working for the healthcare company Clove is so gratifying is because the company lets its employees to reveal all elements of their identities and honour their families in both their professional and personal life. Furthermore, Jones feels that this freedom is one of the reasons for the success of the cloves shoes return.

Clove Has Made a Name for Theirself

Clove has made a name for itself in the healthcare apparel market not only through their attention to utility and the variety of shoe colours, but also through their unconventional approach to footwear. The brand’s fashion-forward concept of releasing limited edition “drops” with high-level, glamorous campaigns not only puts a unique spin on the category, but it also supports and features the healthcare professionals that the brand serves, particularly the talented individuals who are a part of T.E.A.M. Clove, a company that specializes in medical equipment, shines greatest in the design of footwear.

Asian Mental Health Initiative

The Asian Mental Health Project is a non-profit organization that strives to give services to Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities in order to increase access to mental healthcare. This group will receive a $10,000 gift through cloves discount codes and Nurse Clara. Thanks to your contribution, the foundation will be able to contribute to the costs of paying lecturers and professionals who give free virtual sessions for their community.


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