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Best places to sight dolphins in India


Viewing the cute dolphins hopping in the ocean is a great view. They will help you to get rid of stress, and you will have more smiling faces when you see them. However, these lovely beasts are not found anywhere. You can find them at definite sites. And if you love to watch animals, you should visit these places to regard the dolphin’s activities. There are several zones in India where you can discover these great water beasts. If you tend to travel these parts, you can see and co-operate with them. Let’s read about the best places to sight dolphins in. India in this blog

 Islands of Andaman and Nicobar

There are many quiet shores in India where you can see dolphins from March to June. In Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you can travel to Havelock Island, Lalaji bay beach or Jolly buoy island. The Irrawaddy dolphins are evident in a see-through cruiser as they glide via the ocean. But on this boat, you can watch them closely even without diving into the sea.

Furthermore, you will have a great adventure in your life. On these islands, you can enjoy fantastic camping, water sports, and bird watching. Therefore, it is the best places to sight dolphins in India.

2.     West Bengal

Every person dreams of spotting the sights of the royal Bengal tiger and dolphins. But this is now possible in Sundarbans in west Bengal. A mangrove forest in the Sundarbans would be the perfect setting for watching dolphins play. On the river, a boat safari can lead you to an open area across the imposing and winding mangrove forests. Their diving skills will amaze you here, as they playfully leap and dive. Thus, Sundarbans is the best place to sight dolphins in India. And you will enjoy your life which you never will forget.

  • Goa

While sailing in the Arabian Sea, you will see the lovely views of dolphins swishing out of the water. This experience would be baffling.

It is true that Goa is one of the most famous shore destinations in India. Tourists in Goa can also spot dolphins in the Arabian Sea thanks to the calm atmosphere and golden sandy coastlines. While on a cruise on the water, you could see some fantastic water beasts, especially dolphins. You want to be easy-going and silent for the best views of dancing dolphins. In Goa, dolphin sightings are best in the morning. Furthermore, you can capture this dolphin with your camera lenses. Dolphins can be seen at Morjim beach, Coco beach, Palolem beach, Sinquerim beach, and Cavelossim beach.

4.     Assam

Assam is the home to the superb one-horned rhinoceros and is known for its tea gardens. In Dibru Saikowa National Park, you can watch the freshwater Gangetic Dolphins. This is a biosphere reserve. And, you will have the option to relish some of the novel indigenous flora and fauna in one area.

You can watch risked pink river dolphins if you are fortunate. Furthermore, while traveling along the mighty Brahmaputra River, you can enjoy gazing at dolphins and the natural surroundings.

  • Maharashtra

Maharashtra has a large number of seashores among Indian beach states and it is the best places to sight dolphins in India. Its various beautiful beaches make it a perfect destination for Dolphin sightings. Dapoli, on the coast of Maharashtra, is a stunning place to see dolphins. Ladghar Beach, Dabhol Port, Anjarle Beach, Nivati Beach, Bhoagwe Beach, and Kurvade Beach are a few of the places to sight dolphins. These places are famous for their dolphin encounters. Also, they are far from city chaos and commotion. These areas are also famous termini in Maharashtra to have a calm break.

  • Lakshadweep

Bangaram Island and Agatti Island are India’s best spots on Lakshadweep Island. In addition to its sand and sun, this place provides a collection of unique experiences. However, it is one of the best vacationer attractions in the nation. You can easily see Bottlenose dolphins in this zone. When you glide calmly in the ocean, you can observe the fittest and most pleased dolphins doing flips. Be persevering to watch them. But it is best to float in the morning to catch the lovely sea mammals.

  • Bihar

Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary is easily accessible from Bihar if you rent a car. There was a particular purpose behind the creation of this sanctuary: to preserve Gangetic dolphins.

  • Kerala

Seeing humpback dolphins in Kerala’s backwaters is one of the prettiest things you can do. These sweet souls make Cherai Beach in Kerala one of the best places to spend time.

Discover the enticing foliage around still water bodies before relaxing in boathouses.

The bottom line,

Watching them can give you a lot of fun. The adequate time to sight them is from October to June. Let them calm your mind while you see them. You must visit these best places to sight dolphins in India to observe them.

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