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All You Need to Know About a Land Converter

All You Need to Know About a Land Converter
All You Need to Know About a Land Converter

A land converter is a free online tool that is available 24×7 and helps convert one unit of measurement of land into another. In India, different units of measurement are used for land measurements across states.

Some of the Most Common Land Converter Units Used in India

It is not possible to know all the units by heart, so, to find the equivalent unit of the local term for the unit, using a land converter is mandatory for land area calculation. In our guide, we present some of the most common conversion units used in India. 

Square Meter

A square meter, typically denoted by ‘m²’, is a unit of measurement that is used to measure two-dimensional areas; for instance, the ground or floor. It is acknowledged all over the world and is used as the standard international unit of measurement of an area. 

Square Feet

Square feet refer to an area of a square whose each side measures one foot. It is usually denoted by the symbol sq. ft or ft². Many nations other than India also use square feet as their standard unit of measurement for a plot of land.

Square Yard-

A square yard is typically defined as an area of a square. However, each side of the square measures 3 feet or 1 yard. Square yard was used as the standard unit of measurement worldwide before the square meter unit was introduced. However, in some countries, including India, the US, and Canada, the use of a square yard is prevalent even now. The unit is popularly denoted by sq. yd or yd2.


Acre, which is popularly referred to as ‘ac’ is defined as an area that is a furlong in length and four rods in width. It is the oldest unit of measurement in the world. Acre was originally widely popular in the imperial system of units and today, it is used to measure lands that come in various shapes, like rectangular, circular, pentagon, etc. 


Hectare is popular as the unit of a square. Its every side measures 100 meters. This honorary unit of measurement is internationally recognized in places that use the metric system, and it does a useful job. Denoted by the symbol ‘ha’, a hectare is mainly used to measure land spread across vast geographical regions, such as agricultural fields, forests, etc.


One of the oldest units of measurement in India, Bigha was originally used in states, like Bihar, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, and Gujarat. But a thing worth mentioning here would be that the value of a bigha varies from one state to another. For instance, while pakka bigha or pucca is more common in parts of UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand, kachcha bigha or kucca is more widely used by landlords based in MP.

Land Converter Units in India 

The following table features the different units of area and their corresponding conversion units.

Units of Land MeasurementConversion Unit
1 Square meter10.76391042 Square feet
1 Square inch0.0069444 Square feet
1 Square foot0.092303 Square meter
1 Square kilometer247.10 Acres
1 Square yard0.836127 Square meter
1 Bigha2990 Square yards
1 Acres4886.92 Gaj
1 Hectares2.49 Acres
1 Square mile640 Acres

Going through the chart, you will be able to get the exact value of a land conversion unit. For most, memorizing the table may seem out of question or too difficult. This is where an online land converter can come to your rescue. It delivers 100% accurate results instantaneously. 

How Does a Land Converter Function?

An online land converter works by taking into consideration the unit of measurement that is to be converted and the one into which it needs to be converted. It follows the rule of the unitary method. All it requires is computing the values. For instance, if a user needs to convert from square kilometers to acres, the following steps would suffice:

  • Access the online land converter
  • Insert the value in square kilometers where prompted 
  • Check the final conversion unit 

Since the converter takes into account the base value, let us say 1 sq. km. is equal to 247.10 acres, and you wish to find the value of 5 sq. km., hence, the conversion unit will be (5 x 247.10) or 1235.5 acres. 

Concluding Thoughts

Thus, a land converter helps convert one unit of measurement of land to another, per the requirement of the individual without the possibility of any errors. It is easy to use, convenient, and faster than working with the unitary method. So, if you are in need to carry out land measurement for a loan against commercial property in India or to find the rate of interest for a loan against commercial property, we suggest using any standard land converter to achieve desired results.

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