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What are affordable webinar platforms in India?

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A webinar platforms is an event that can be used as a medium for sharing information in the form of audio, visuals & slides, etc. with the audience attending the event virtually. Both live streaming and webinar are the latest trend of the industry. Most people prefer to take live streaming services for events and webinars to take it on different platforms simultaneously.

There are different types of online webinar platforms present that provide a stage to showcase your talent, product, services, etc. whatever expertise you have.

Sharing of information is very useful as the host can simultaneously get real-time feedback from the audience about the information being provided in the form of notes etc.

In this blog, we will be discussing the factors which should be considered while picking your webinar software, the common benefits associated with their use & lastly some of the popular affordable webinar platforms which can make your event even better.

How should you pick your Webinar Software?

Before starting your webinar, you should pick your platform correctly for getting the best results from your session. Below are some of the key factors which should be taken into consideration for your best pick –

Deciding the Goal of the Session & Its Objective

Your overall webinar goals should meet with the content strategy you had worked on. For the proper use of webinar live streaming services, a brief understanding of your target audience, presentation strategy, etc. are some of the elements that are not to be ignored.

Always keep in mind that your objectives are the small achievements that will help you ultimately achieve your goal in the long run. For example – if your goal is to get more potential clients then your objectives can be – following up with them, hosting more sessions, etc.

Choosing the Right Budget For You

Budget is the key factor which is involved in deciding which type of platform will meet your requirements.

You have to identify what you actually want from your webinar session. If expectations are very high & budget potential is low then it will surely create a problem for you.

Identifying Webinar Requirements

Now, choosing what features to be included in your live presentation is a crucial part of your successful session. Different online webinar platforms come up with different features & none of them are alike.

Live Broadcasting, Video recording, Branding, etc. are some of the features that are very useful in getting more interaction with your audience.

Taking Trial Test of Platform

To prevent any technical glitch testing of the platform should be included in your planning strategy before the starting of the event.

Some of the best webinar platforms offer free or trial demos which is the best way to run them & watch if they meet up with your requirements rather than leaving you disappointed after purchasing a 12-month plan.

Going with the right type of Webinar Package

After choosing the most suitable webinar platform for your event, it’s time to select the right package for all your requirements. There are some points that should be kept in mind while selecting the package which are –

  • Affordability of the package
  • Utilizing all the features included in the package
  • Supporting needs
  • Value for money option on comparing with other packages

Benefits of using a Webinar software

Webinars are loaded with facilities & astonishing features which are very worthy and attention seekers from the audience’s point of view.

Most interactive webinar platform comes up with best-in-class interaction facilities & options to engage more with the audience & get their feedback. Some of the features have been described below –

  • Delivering Higher Audio & Visual Quality
  • Webinars are very convenient to attend
  • The best solution for a wider audience reach
  • These events provide a cost-effective solution
  • Webinars can be recorded seamlessly
  • There is no geographical barrier whatsoever

Top 5 Affordable Webinar Software in India

There are many webinar software that provides all types of customizable solutions you want with your event. Somehow, not all can be affordable for you. We have made a list of some of the most popular and affordable webinar software to pick from –

Google Hangouts

  • Google hangout or a video conferencing tool can be a good choice for you if you are searching for some affordable webinar platforms.
  • It is a great tool for hosting interactive webinar sessions as it comes with live chat, audio & video calling functionality.
  • It also allows you to upload & share your webinar link to different social media platforms.


  • Zoom is one of the most popular webinar tools which is being used by big enterprises.
  • It is loaded with exciting features like polling, Q&A, etc. which engage your audience effectively.
  • It also comes up with a live streaming feature on facebook & youtube.

Stealth Seminar

  • It is a very easy-to-use, reliable & inexpensive live webinar platform for the organizers.
  • It comes up with unlimited calls, data analytics, recorded webinar sessions, etc.


  • Skype comes up with low-cost & budget-friendly options for the organizers.
  • It includes screen sharing & file sharing options along with video conferencing facilities.
  • It is more versatile than the above as it can be joined using any device – IOS, Android, Mac & Windows OS.

ezTalks Webinar

  • It is by far the most popular choice as per the public and product services are concerned.
  • With its edge-cutting software, setting up the events has gone quite convenient for the hosts.
  • It is possible to share your content with the audience without any technical glitches & interruptions during the ongoing session on this webinar platform.


The type of webinar for your event ultimately depends on the requirements. The wise thing to do is to explore all types of webinar platforms, noted down their features & select the best & most affordable choice for your event.

As, apart from the session, webinar platforms thus also work in increasing ROI for your business, reaching a wider audience, promoting your product or service, and much more.

Starting with emails, reminders, recordings, and screen sharing, as well as real-time chat simulation webinar software, is designed to take care of these tasks related to organising these events.

Engaging with your audience in the virtual environment might sound crazy, but in real terms, it takes a lot of effort & hard work to make it more engaging & worthy for the audience to listen to your voice.

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