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Abatement Testing in NYC-The Dos and Don’ts

Abatement Service
Abatement Service

In many New York City apartment buildings, tenants will share bathrooms with other residents. One method of fighting bacteria build-up and preventing the spread of common ailments like the cold or flu is to have your building perform abatement testing on the water that comes out of your taps. Here’s what you need to know about the process and what your rights are as a tenant when it comes to receiving abatement testing in NYC.

11 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Tap Water Tested

You may not be thinking about it, but your tap water might be laced with asbestos. This toxic substance is found in many household products, like insulation, cement, and roofing. The Asbestos Inspection Company is an abatement service that has been providing asbestos testing for years. Here are 11 reasons why you should get your tap water tested:

1) Your health is important to you

2) You want to feel confident that your family is drinking safe water

3) You want to avoid exposure to toxic substances

4) You want peace of mind

5) You want the responsibility to lie on someone else’s shoulders (aka not yours!) 6) There are so many qualified professionals out there who can do this for you!

3 Do’s when Selecting a Lab

Picking the right lab is a crucial step towards ensuring that your home or business has been properly inspected. While there are many factors to consider, following these three do’s will ensure that you have chosen the right lab for your needs: 1. Make sure they are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and/or state agencies 2. Ensure they offer a variety of analytical services, such as asbestos testing 3. Ask them about their analytical method, preferably one that is EPA-approved

1. Select an accredited laboratory with an EPA certification 2. Choose a laboratory that offers a variety of analytical services 3. Find out if the laboratory uses an EPA-approved analytical method to inspect and test for asbestos. You should also ask how long it takes to get results back from the inspection. Depending on what type of work needs to be done on your property after inspection, this may affect whether or not you need to rent a short term abatement service until all required repairs are completed.

3 Don’ts when Selecting a Lab

1) Do not ask for lab results over the phone. Asbestos inspection labs are required to have a licensed professional onsite to provide this information. 2) Do not use a lab that does not offer asbestos inspection as an added service. You will need an asbestos inspector for the abatement work. So why would you want to save on the cost of testing? 3) Do not use a lab located out-of-state unless you know they specialize in testing for materials that are hazardous to human health, like asbestos or lead.

 Asbestos inspection is a broad term used to describe visual inspections for asbestos-containing building materials. This type of inspection is different from asbestos testing. Which is usually conducted by specialized labs that are better equipped to determine specific types of samples. As well as air monitoring for airborne fibers. If you want to conduct an inspection for asbestos containing materials, find a lab that offers both asbestos sampling and abatement services. Air monitoring can be done by a different specialist who will keep your home safe during abatement work. Remember: Never enter an abated area without wearing protective gear! It’s best to call professionals in when there’s danger present. When it comes to choosing your professionals, trust only those with proven experience in handling deadly substances like lead or asbestos.

What to Expect After Lab Results Are In

When you get back your asbestos test results, the safest thing to do is talk with an abatement specialist. If asbestos is found, the specialist will take steps to remove it from the property. The process usually takes about a week and can cost thousands of dollars. To find out if your water system needs to be removed or remediated. You can contact an abatement service in New York City today by filling out a simple form or calling (888) 890-0018.

 A representative will come out to your property within 24 hours to take a water sample. After that, results can be available within five business days if you’re using an industry-approved lab. Typically, there is no need to worry until those test results come back. If asbestos is found. You should reach out to an abatement service as soon as possible so they can conduct a test at your home or commercial building to determine how much asbestos needs to be removed and how much it will cost.