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7 Reasons Why You Need Legal Translation Dubai

Legal Translation Dubai

Are you planning to do business in Dubai and need to Legal Translation Dubai for translate some legal documents? Or are you interested in marriage with someone who’s not from your country and needs to get his or her documents translated?

If so, you need an experienced legal translator in Dubai who can deliver professional translation services at an affordable price. Here are seven reasons why you need legal translation Dubai.


The use of machine translation has become mainstream, but accuracy can vary widely from source to source. The United Nations, for instance, recently found that nearly 30% of its websites had been erroneously translated by Google Translate.

Machine translation is best used as a starting point. You should always confirm your understanding with a human being before proceeding. A good translator will be able to smooth over any ambiguity. And make sure that every word means what it’s supposed to mean.

Machine translation can’t do that – at least not yet. No matter how good you are at interpreting written words and phrases. There are limits to what you can infer; it’s simply impossible to understand all of an original work when working solely with a non-native version of it in another language.


Time is money in all walks of life, but nowhere does it apply more than in today’s competitive business environment. Even if your company is not international, you can still benefit from having a legal translator on staff to handle everyday tasks. Such as correspondences with banks, contracts for sales and purchases, or even personal documents such as birth certificates or marriage licenses.

Think about how much time you spend translating documents yourself. Add that up over months or years, and then consider adding costs for mistakes due to fatigue or oversights in your translations.

One look at numbers will tell you that it just makes sense to hire a professional legal translator rather than taking hours away from your office to handle these matters yourself.


Experience is a vital component when engaging in legal translation in Dubai. To ensure that your business dealings remain legitimate, ensure you have an expert professional looking over your translations and documents.

A great option for small businesses is to outsource these legal endeavours to a reputable lawyer or law firm for seamless execution. There are also freelancers that work remotely but are adept at legal translation Dubai. So, make sure you check these options out as well.


With a lot of law-related cases becoming international, it is no wonder why your legal documents need to be translated. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go through everything alone.

As a result of being in business for so long, Legal Translation Dubai has grown a great reputation among their clients and they know how to handle things professionally. This can help you out because they have ample experience doing legal translations with numerous clients throughout their career as well as do an exceptional job translating documents.

Quick Turn Around Time

Legal Translation Dubai by Sim-Trans | Legal Translation Dubai is offering a quick turnaround time on document translations. They understand that you need your documents translated as soon as possible. So, they offer same day service for urgent translations.

They have years of experience handling different types of legal documents including passport applications, immigration documents and more. Contact us today to schedule your next project!

Save Money

Too often, companies try to cut costs by translating legal documents themselves, rather than outsourcing to a professional service. If you’re going to be engaging in international business, though, it’s worth hiring an outside agency.

The UAE has its own laws that regulate almost every single aspect of life. Everything you do in a legal sense will require legal translation Dubai. Any document you file must be translated into Arabic or else it won’t be accepted by any court.

Even documents in English may require translation if they need to be served on someone in Arabic. For example, a Land Title deed in English must be translated into Arabic. If it needs to be served to an Emirati tenant for some reason, otherwise it would be invalid.

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