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5 Industrial Rack Styles That Are Best suited for Your Warehouse


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Are you looking for a sturdy and durable Racking system for your storage? Well, you have many choices to select one. However it relies on the kind of storage and the needs.

Well, when it comes to warehouses Industrial Storage Racks come first. They are considered the best-suited shelves for industrial facilities or warehouses. Further, these racks offer smooth functioning in a working space.

But how to choose the right one? Well, we have got you covered!

So, we have created a guide consisting of 5 different styles of industrial racks. Take a look at them and select the right one for you.

Understand Industrial Racking System

Well, an industrial racking system is a structure, specially designed for supporting heavy to low-weighted goods. It offers smooth functioning in an industrial facility or warehouse. Also, there are various types of industrial racks that play a major role in supply chain operations and logistics for a company.

An industrial rack is well-fitted for every situation, unit load, or storage requirement. However, all the advantages will be applicable when you optimize the space. It’s recommended to have a quick look over the available space in your warehouse and the floor space you need.

As per today’s demands, there is a need for an extensive network of distribution centers and logistics over the world. So,while choosing a rack, consider freeing up some space to make your warehouse safe for employees as well as products.

5 Types Of Industrial Racking System For A Warehouse

There are many types of industrial racking which are advanced and adjustable to a warehouse requirement. So, below we have mentioned the top 5 adaptable, versatile, and dynamic racks for warehouses.

1. Selective Racking

Selective racking is one of the most popular choices among warehouse owners. Even when they set up a new warehouse, the industrial storage racks become a prominent choice.

Well, it has access to all of the pallets from the system’s aisle. Also, users can order a rack of almost every size (suitable for your warehouse). Moreover, it is easy to install without much workforce or hassle.

2. Drive-Thru or Drive-In Racking System

This type of pallet racking system is specially designed to allow the forklift for a drive-through or drive-in racking system. These racks are always placed in a line so that there will be lanes for the forklift to drive in. Also, you can vertically stack the pallets.

If the placement of drive-in racks is done correctly, then a high-density storage system will be created. Furthermore, installing these racks would double the warehouse capacity as compared to other racking systems.

3. Specialty Racks

Well, there are some products in a warehouse, which demand a special kind of racking system. It includes beer kegs, wine kegs, or tires. So, industrial storage racks can fulfill this need. Specifically, a specialty rack can accommodate these types of items that allow efficient storage. So, if you have unique products, then get advice from rack installation providers.

4. Cantilever Racking System

Well, cantilever racks are used as a counterweight for creating space for heavy or bulky products. Furthermore, it consists of solid steel posts with horizontal arms and can be extended to many levels. Also, you can put long wood or steel beams on the arms of the rack. And it can be adjusted as per the requirements. You can easily get different vertical levels and different lengths of the racking system.

5. Push Back And Flow Racks

Both of these racks are designed to maintain workflow in a warehouse. Also, they are slightly inclined and use gravity for moving pallets ahead of the racking rails.

In push-back industrial storage racks, you need to load and unload the items. And that too from the same side of the racking system. If you add a new inventory to the shelves, it pushes back the current items backward. And if you remove the items, the pallets will move forward on the front side of a racking system. 

Well, a flow racking system helps to put the inventory on the backside of the rack. And users can pull the inventory right from the front. And later, the inventory would “flow through” the racks.

Best Qualities Of Industrial Storage Racks

Industrial storage racks are simple storage systems with a standard structure. These racks are made with the help of specially trained engineers and manufacturers.

There are some key aspects to consider for verifying the qualities of the industrial racking system.

1. Usage Of The raw Material

The base of any product is the material used for it. So, steel should have the highest quality standards. It makes racks durable and safe.

2. Compliance With Local And International Regulations

All the specific quality regulations in the nation should comply with both the design and manufacture of industrial racks.

3. Tested By Engineers

Well, in the most complex storage systems, loading, structural calculation, seismic calculation, and resistance studies are carried out by a team of specialists.

4. Tests And Simulations

The racks should have cleared quality tests, and also there should be a certificate of authentication. If you get both, consider buying that rack without second thoughts. 

5. Reliable Production Process

For every rack or structure, there are a few important things. It includes an automated manufacturing process having traceability, quality monitoring, and control in all phases.

Final Words

If you are looking for a perfect rack for a warehouse facility, then you must go for industrial storage racks. It is one of the tested solutions for warehouses and storage facilities. Also, this is an efficient, sturdy, and durable type of storage system. You can store low to heavy-weighted goods.

Now, you have studied the industrial racking system and its different styles. So, you can choose the right storage racking system for you. Hopefully, this guide will be helpful for you to make the best decisions.

Thank you for reading!

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