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12 Summer Styling Guidelines for Men & Women

Summer Styling Guidelines

Escaping the sheer amount of exquisite summer trends is impossible – especially when they can change your entire aura and personality!

But just like summer comes every year – every year, it brings new trends and essentials with it!

To comply with the essence of the summer, we need to adapt and change accordingly – and for that, we are here to help!

The guide below comes in handy with twelve impressive summer styling guidelines that would help you be the center of attraction – while allowing you to make the most of this summer season!

With that being said, what are you waiting for? Dive into the guide now!

Wear light-colored clothing

Summers are the perfect way to achieve the tanning that you have always desired! However, keep in mind that tanning and ruining your skin from a skin burn are two different things.

Hence, as far as your craving for tanning goes, you still need to wear light-colored clothing and dresses that do not absorb the sun rays but instead reflect them away from your body!

Sleeveless or loose sleeves? The choice is yours!

While in the summer season, our absolute goal should be to wear clothes that offer maximum airflow! The more airflow you would be getting, the less amount of sweat you may have to encounter!

Now it doesn’t really mean that we are advising you to go full rogue with fully strapless apparel, but we are saying to have a glance at the sleeveless camis and off-shoulder or puff-sleeve blouses – all these can make you stand out from the crowd!

On the odds that if Sleeveless camis aren’t your thing, then short-sleeve button-ups are another good option you can go with!

When there’s summer, there’s the sweat! Hence, loose-fitting clothing is your best bet for staying cool in the summer!

Go for cropped, wide-leg pants, pair them with loose oversized shirts and blouses – in short, go for premium quality shirts for men and women and have some room to breathe while looking adorable!

 Upgrade your athleisure

Technical fabrics tend to absorb moisture but are also form-fitting, which isn’t always great in summer.

If you’re a casual fan, replace your regular black leggings and t-shirt with brightly colored bike-above-knee shorts or a tank top!

It may not matter all year round, but in summer, you will definitely notice the difference between breathable fabrics and moisture-wicking fabrics.

Synthetic materials generally don’t absorb sweat, so check clothing labels to ensure your clothing is 100 percent linen, cotton, or silk.

On the odds that you have a knack for a premium texture, we would offer you to try orifices and cheese lollipops.

 Ditch jeans

While talking about fabrics above, suddenly, Denim crossed our mind! Denim goes with any summer outfit as dope, but you need to accept that this material is amongst the heaviest summer fabrics you can wear!

If you love wearing stretch jeans or skinny jeans, you would know that these can turn out to be too warm for any mid-summer day!

Thus, our experts advise you to look out for lightweight cotton or linen pants instead! However, if you can’t resist wearing Denim, then the only solution left for you is to opt for wide-leg jeans, which still allow for some air circulation.

 Rely on dresses

Dresses are not just for special occasions. A comfortable evening gown is an easy choice for days when you don’t know what to wear.

Summer is among the best seasons that allow people to grab those mini dresses, rompers, and miniskirts you have always desired!

Select a sleeveless maxi dress or a long skirt for a boho summer look – you would look classy in both! However, dresses with ties can provide additional air circulation.

 Wear leather sandals

Flip-flops are great for the beach, but to enhance and give a charm to your outfit, opt for strappy sandals or espadrilles that still allow your toes to breathe.

Leather sandals come in comfortable options that look more stylish than standard foam flip-flops.

 Summer without a hat? Impossible!

Everyone should have a hat! If you don’t have one, it’s probably because you haven’t found the perfect one for you! Not only do they make a stylish summer statement, but they also protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays.

Many women love broad-brimmed straw hats and ranch-style hats because they look best with many summer outfits and offer the best protection from the sun, along with beach hats.

If you don’t know what type of hat will work best for you, go to your local hat shop and ask the shopkeeper to help you. It pays to go to a hat expert who knows what styles will work best for different people.

 Minimize accessories

Especially for womens, the more accessories they may have on them, the more aesthetically appealing they look but hear this one query from our experts!

Do you think that being in the scorchy sun rays, you would be able to manage the extra accessories you’ve been wearing -without getting irritated and frustrated by them? No chance!

The hotness can cause the dangling necklaces or bracelets to stick to your skin – that would not only ruin your outlook but would leave you frustrated for a while!

Having said that, choose spectacular accessories like hoop earrings or wear minimal accessories!

 Striped shirts define summer!

Striped shirts are the perfect summer outfit. Its nautical feel and classic style make it easy to style with various summer outfits.

Opt for the classic three-quarter sleeve white and navy blue shirt if you all have a striped shirt. The lines are not too thick and naturally horizontal.

You can pair a striped shirt with just about anything: shorts, skirts, pants, jeans, or anything else.

 Dress in layers

 It would be best if only you maintain your professional look in the office – that too by being a super cozy summer outfit, by choosing clothes that keep you cool.

Your office is air-conditioned, so a layered look will be a big part of your summer fashion vibe. Cotton cardigans are a great option for days when you need to get from a hot train to a cold office.

Workwear is usually available in dark colors like black and blue. In summer, try bright colors: a white linen blazer, sleek suit, or light blue button-up shirt.

Wear closed-toe shoes

Ever thought about who exactly wears flip-flops to their workplace? No one! But considering the fashion sense of the modern era, loafers or flats are now highly in-demand and look extremely attractive in your office wear!

Try putting on loafers or flats with moisture-wicking no-show socks, put on that suit that you have pressed for the day, add glasses to the premium outlook, and consider yourself done for the day!

 While talking about summer stylings, how can we forget beach apparel?

Don’t spend your money purchasing a beach cover-up!

You don’t need to buy a special cover for the beach.

If you don’t like beach covers, you can reuse other clothing items to cover your bathing suit.

A white button-down shirt is a great cover for the beach that can double as a mini dress with a shirt. A light dress is another great option, or pair a bikini top with a skirt.

Wear materials other than Denim

Tight denim cutoffs might be a cute beach look, but be afraid of the time when you have to wear that soaking wet, sandy denim shorts – beware, they can be super uncomfortable!

Thus that’s why, while enjoying your summer at the beach, opt for something more breathable, like Bermuda shorts!

Final Verdict!

For many, summer happens to be the favorite season. What makes this season people’s favorite is the spree of happiness and grand access to modern apparel it brings with itself!

Just like the wine is nothing without the ice in it. Similarly, summers aren’t summers without their special dressing!

Our experts here want that each one of our readers should enjoy the summer season to the fullest – thus, we believe that the guide we have provided here will help you rejoice in the summer season like never before!

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