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10 Best Free Online Word Games for 2023

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Word games on the internet aren’t an entirely new phenomenon in entertainment however they’ve been gaining attention with the hype surrounding Wordle and its 7-figure price. It’s true that Wordle is great, however, it can only play a single round per day What happens if you’re ready to keep playing?

Today’s wordle

Today’s Wordle answer isn’t too taxing, even if The NYT’s WordleBot tool reckons that I finished 0.2 over par. According to the site, it takes the average player 3.8 steps to complete Wordle #470, and I ended up with four on the nose. Not too bad, but it’s never nice to be below average so hopefully you can avoid having a similar off day.

1. Word Wipe

If you’re a fan of timed games, then take a look at Word Wipe. Word Wipe is a quick-paced word-building game in which you swipe across the lines of letters within an enormous mix of letters in order to spell the most words you can.

As with any typical word-search puzzle it is possible to find words down, up and across. However, once you have found the word you are looking for, simply press for it “wipe” it off and gain more points. Continue to swipe to remove the letters, and then clean your board.

2. Wordmeister

If you’re a big Scrabble fan, you may enjoy Wordmeister. You’ll compete against a computer and then place tiles on the floor to form words. Similar to Scrabble however, you will earn extra points by placing tiles on letter-specific locations.

Take note that computers are prone to employ words that are not typically found within American English. American English spoken language.

3. Word Zen

Use your fingers to connect letters to form challenging phrases to play Word Zen. Word Zen is unique due to the difficulty levels that present new challenges amid the changing environment and the catchy music.

You can download the application for free on Google Play, with in-app purchases being available. Be sure to look for the legitimate version, and not a number of paid apps with the same name.

4. SpellTower

SpellTower Combines the abilities of word searches with the level-clearing excitement of Tetris. Utilize your mouse or fingers to join alphabets in all directions to create ever-longer words. As you connect letters they disappear, taking down the tower.

The SpellTower game features 11 fantastic levels that provide lots of options. It has a lightning-fast “rush” mode. There’s also a “search” game mode that runs on tiny micro boards, and an “zen” mode which lets you search for words without time limits.

5. Codeword

Codeword is an intriguing crossword puzzle game in which every alphabet is assigned a specific number. When you are able to guess a letter from the initial set of blanks, every empty space that has the number fills automatically with the same letter.

If you are unable to guess the correct word in the initial group of empty spaces, this mess up the remainder part of the game. If, however, you are correctly, you will be able to solve it quickly. You can also seek assistance if you’re stuck.

6. Skribbl.io

If you’re willing to join in with strangers on the internet and draw using a mouse you must go to Skribbl.io. It allows you to join groups with other people or create a private space in which you’ll select one of three phrases to start drawing.

Do you think others can guess what you’ve created? If it’s your turn to guess then be the first one to enter your answer into the chat. The first correct guesses made by the chat get the most points.

7. Words with Friends

You might have heard of Words with Friends when it was the only thing people talked about. It’s still in existence and is extremely well-loved. Many people utilize it to connect with family members or family members, or for keeping their spelling up to date.

What exactly is Words with Friends work? It’s very similar to Scrabble which is why you play a game of spelling words in the board game at leisure. The game has been rated highly and is available on desktops and in the App Store as well as Google Play.

8. Wander Words

Wander Words works a lot similar to other games listed on this list since it asks players to connect letter to create words. The difference is that you’ll be using all letters to form words or phrases.

9. Wordscapes

Wordscapes is an mobile game available for Android and iOS that some players say is more tranquil as compared to other types of games. You can swipe the alphabet in any sequence you want to make the most words you possibly can. The difficulty gets harder as you progress, however the various environments and settings can help relax the pace and tone.

10. Word Bird

Word Bird is a cute tiny owl-themed game which will challenge and teach you simultaneously. You can play to beat your time, or take it at a the pace of your leisure. The game provides daily challenges that ensure you’ll never become bored. It also has over 65,000+ puzzles you can take on. In addition, you’ll find definitions for every word you’re trying to figure out so you’ll be able to improve your spelling as well as your vocabulary over time.

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