You Want to Draw? Simple Exercises for Complete Beginners


    Do you find it difficult to draw a circle in every tutorial’s first step? Do straight lines seem to bend no matter what? Is it difficult to draw two points that are equal in distance? Even after following a detailed tutorial, do your images look distorted?

    These problems can be due to a lack in basic skills when learning how draw. Although these skills are evident for someone who draws a lot, they can be difficult to remember after a while. Are you ready for the best beginner drawing exercises?

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    1. Break the Straight Line

    You have a problem: You are not able draw a straightline/perfect circle.

    Step 1

    simple drawing for beginners is not possible by hand. It only exists in vector. While you could cheat and use a ruler to make it straighter, most likely your hand will not be able to draw a long, straight line. Even if you start with something perfectly straight, it is easy to make mistakes as you go along. What does it signify?

    We can draw short lines if drawing a long straight line is difficult. You don’t need any special tools to draw straight lines. They’ll always look great. Look at the example below. The lines are shorter, and the picture will be closer to the original.

    Step 2

    Let’s assume you want to draw the flower shown below. As you can see, it is composed of a straightline, a perfect circular shape, and some curves with precise angles. It’s possible to draw it very slowly and very carefully, while keeping your tongue out, sweating, and driving the lines from one point to another. But… why? Drawing shouldn’t be boring, it should be enjoyable!

    Step 3

    Drawing technical lines (straight lines or perfect circles) takes concentration. It is all about drawing things exactly how they are. There is no room for creativity or personal style. Style comes in diversity. Is this really what you want? Draw the identical things exactly all of the time.

    If you don’t, you won’t find a tutorial. Because drawing–creation–is about keeping your hand relaxed while being focused on a final effect instead of creating a series of perfect lines. You need to know how to relax, draw quickly, and not worry about details. Let’s attempt to draw this flower again. Follow these simple rules, but this time draw the flower.

    • Divide the long lines in to short ones.
    • The lines that are shorter with more curves will be less.
    • Use your fingertips to lightly touch the paper.
    • Do it quickly!

    Step 4

    Wasn’t this fun? If you narrow your eyes, it even looks quite done. Now fill in the empty spaces with the ones you have. These rules still apply to the previous steps.

    Step 5

    You can now use a marker to emphasize the lines or press the pencil harder. You can skip this step.

    Step 6

    It’s done! While it may not look exactly the same as the original, it does show some style, a little of your personality, and is a true work of art! Because nature isn’t perfect, you can see that it looks even more natural than its original. It’s important to remember that once you push the boundaries, everything can be changed!

    Step 7

    You’ve now learned how to draw straight lines. What should you do?

    • Divide the lines into small ones.
    • Make circles from short lines and not long, always-bending ones.
    • Draw slowly – this will make your little mistakes invisible.

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