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Where Can I Buy Wholesale Clothes In The US?


Entrepreneurs need good manufacturers to stay in the clothes business. We researched the best wholesale apparel manufacturers for small companies with low minimum orders. The answers below provide an overview of these wholesale clothing manufacturers. Let’s dive in! 

1. Beautiful connections

BEAUTIFUL CONNECTION GROUP is a professional US apparel wholesaler specializing in custom-made women’s apparel, such as coats, jackets, dry-fit shirts, tops, and dresses. The company grew with its customer base. They want to develop and use artificial intelligence technology and machines while maintaining the traditional technology experience. Their aim to work hard, and be the fashion industry’s highest quality women’s clothes. You have worked with clients from all over the world. Consistent honesty and integrity in business or community relationships are essential to building a company’s local and international reputation.

2. Good clothing company

It is one of the few apparel manufacturers in the US that works with all entrepreneurs, emerging designers, eco-fashion pioneers, and growing startups. This company offers both high volume and low volume manufacturing services. This company has an insufficient minimum order quantity. Customers only need to order a minimum of 10 of each size, style, and color. The company is willing to work with customers to create designs they like.

3. Lucky Wholesale

It is your “one-stop shop” based in Dallas, Texas, where you’ll find everything from t-shirts, hats, and sneakers to vinyl, transfer papers, and rhinestones below one roof. Buying stuff within the swarming town of Dallas has never been this feasible. Lucky Wholesale has created additional convenience and made enjoyable shopping possible for its customers. It’s a wholesale and retail store that gives exceptional looking expertise. Lucky Wholesale conjointly incorporates a mobile-friendly website that updates you with item accessibility. Therefore if you are looking to shop for wholesale things in Dallas, move to Lucky Wholesale.

The best thing about Lucky Wholesale, which sets it apart from other wholesale centers, is its comprehensive and significant product range and inclusivity. It aims to serve its customers in each viable means, saving time and energy. Lucky Wholesale store pays special attention to the standard of products. All products measure premium quality because the store doesn’t compromise on it. Random Wholesale works with several reputable brands. The Smart Blanks, Gildan Clothes, and Bella Canvas are just a few. 

4. Euphoric colors

This US apparel manufacturer assures its customers that every garment it produces is of the highest quality. This Los Angeles-based company works with a design team to create bespoke clothing that meets the needs of its customers. Euphoric Colors produces a wide range of products. Among the products are wholesale shirts, lingerie, uniforms, swimwear, dresses, button-downs, and more. It means you can quickly get what you need.

5. Sans USA

Sans USA is one of the few apparel manufacturers in the United States that helps its customers bring almost any design imaginable to life. According to the company, the approximate production and delivery time is 16-18 weeks. If an entrepreneur chooses to work with Sans USA, the company requires them to hold 50 positions.

6. Argyle House

ARGYLE House is one of the US apparel manufacturers that work with startups, medium-sized companies, national brands, and even established fashion designers. The company’s minimum order quantity depends on the type of clothes you wish to purchase. The Californian manufacturer promises customers competitive prices and quality products.

7. Such

This company is not picky about who they pick as working partners. The company works with corporate, established, and even startup brands. The manufacturer’s MOQ is low. Buyers must order a minimum of 50 units. Suuchi says manufacturing is supported by its platform, software that improves cost efficiency and transparency.

8. TEG

TEG is one of America’s leading apparel manufacturers focusing on detail, precision, and quality. The company aims to produce high-quality women’s and men’s apparel. TEG offers studio-level in-house production with no minimum order requirements and factory-level display with an MOQ of 50pcs per style. Their processing time is short, about 4-8 weeks. 1-4 week rush delivery is available for an additional fee.

 9. Royal Attire

Royal Apparel focuses on producing quality products from sustainable, organic, and recycled fabrics. The company has existed since 1992. The company already has over 25 years of experience. Manufacturers produce a wide range of products, especially wholesale hoodies. This expertise makes it easy for customers to find what they want. The company ships internationally. So no matter where you live, you can source your inventory from Royal Apparel.

10. Stylus Apparel

Stylus Apparel has been serving since 2003. Contract manufacturers can produce large numbers of garments on demand. In addition to cut and sewn manufacturing, Stylus Apparel customers can access services such as screen printing using Heat Transfer Vinyl, apparel embroidery, sublimation printing, and woven labels. The discount offered by Stylus Apparel increases with the number of items ordered by the customer.

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