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What’s Trending with Wallpapers Down Under?


There’s no dearth of home embellishments in Australia. But it’s only recently that people have gotten into this decor trend of sprucing up their spaces with wallpaper. Did you know a room’s interior can drastically affect human psychology and behaviour?

Here’s why you should change your wallpaper.

A study showed that as of 2019, only 1 in 10 Australians used wallpapers. That number is much lower than the 60% of people in the UK and 60% in France. But in recent years, the trend of using wallpaper in Australia has picked up.

Here’s the thing: wallpapers are not permanent. The advantage is that you can switch up the colours and energy in a room by simply swapping out wallpaper. And there might be psychological benefits to doing so! You’re put in a new and stimulating space when you change your interiors. This can put you in a better mood and make you more productive. Changing your room every once in a while dramatically affects your mental well-being.

Also, consider that you never remain the same person you are. As you sail through life and learn, you grow and evolve into a different person. Change your space now and then to adapt to newer and better habits.

But it’s a complex task. Setting up a room involves time and money if you hire a professional. That’s why picking a wallpaper you will surely enjoy for a longer time is key. Here are some options you’ve got.


You can never go wrong with a solid colour. These are timeless and versatile. Pick a neutral tone that doesn’t overpower the room, and then pick an accent colour. Try and gather things of this accent colour that suit the wallpaper colour well, and you’ve got a professionally designed room by an expert.

Plain wallpapers are not distracting and are best for rooms where you need to relax or focus. You can pick a colour depending on what you intend to do in that space. A pastel light blue could be perfect for a yoga room or a bedroom. A beige might work well as an office space. A dull olive green in a reading corner will get you in the right mood.

Dark Colours

The biggest advantage of using wallpapers is that you can use dark colours. This creates a mysterious yet cool and classy ambience, especially in bathrooms or bedrooms. Without worrying about being stuck with a dark colour on your walls for life, you can experiment all your life.


These are a little funkier and can give you an edgy, urban vibe. The exposed brick wall is a trend that’s picking up around the globe.


There’s no doubt about it: geometric designs are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. There is something so comforting about a well-designed geometric design, compelling you to let out a sigh of satisfaction. These could be perfect for adding jazz to relatively bare or empty rooms.

Aboriginal Art

An emerging trend is a traditional art on your wallpaper in Australia. A great way to celebrate your culture and the art of the land is to bring in unique art pieces through the wallpaper. Since wallpapers are easily replaceable, you can try on a new design whenever your heart feels like it.

Whatever you pick, you can change your mind! Here is a small tip: buy self-adhesive, reusable wallpapers, and make a day of DIY-ing your space!

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