1.      Introduction

In this assessment, we are discussing smart study techniques and ways by which individuals and students can achieve their target easily. The smart study mainly emphasizes and focuses on how to study instead of what to study for the exams and passing them. This smart study mainly makes the success path for the students easier. These marches study is better than the hard study because the students who usually face difficulties in exams will be prepared for them in advance. Studying hard is time-consuming and the student becomes stressed whereas this mark is studying healthy student to reduce their stress and pressure levels. This ultimately increases efficiency and optimal results.

2.      How do smart students study?

The students who usually study is smart, and schedule their patient according to their regular breaks in between the sessions by which they would be fresh.  Taking breaks during the study ultimately enhances the productivity of the student and make them relax.  The overall productivity and concentration of the student enhance and they can study more in less time (Rahmawati & Budirahayu, 2021).

Those students who are top in their class usually restrict their negative thoughts and consider the nutritious diet by which they freshen their minds. They usually practice meditation and breathing exercises which ultimately increase and enhance their concentration on their studies.  This technique is adopted by most of the toppers in the class. Whether any student is studying for a bachelor’s degree or for that matter they should increase their knowledge base. This knowledge base can be increased through studying smarter than studying harder because harder study increases pressure for the students.

3.      Tip for smarter study

Following are the 10 proven tips by which these students can study is smarter, not harder

3.1       Study in short chunks

The student should give a short period of time in their session and increase their brain process of information.  The student should save 30 minutes after his daddy so that they can revise all the topics end keeping in mind (Rahmawati & Budirahayu, 2021). The students should avoid all the nighters and start planning to study in the daytime so that they can complete all their assignments works before the deadline.

3.2       Get In the zone

The student should create the ideal space for keeping their resources and books by which they can take the best exams help  The students should prepare time end grain for study so that they cannot get distracted if their mind is not fresh.  These students should listen to music add use different social media sites so that their mind would relax in their leisure time.

3.3       Sleep well and exercise

These students should absorb all the information when they study. They can take help from the articles available on

online nursing dissertation help articles this can be done when the student is getting a certain amount of sleep and is also continuously exercising to keep their body and mind fit. It is also important for these students to ensure that they are having nutritious food so that their brains would be powered up (Bıçak, 2019). These students should take healthy meals like fish, nuts, yogurt, and berries.

3.4       Write flashcards

The brain cannot absorb all the information with the study.  It is important for the students to store all the information in written form so that they can revive it anywhere anytime.  This helps the student to probably highlight different important points on their essential flash cards.

3.5       Connect the dots

Effective learning can create different connections learn the student is absorbing and consuming the information which ultimately pays dividends.  While any student is studying, they create different ways by which they can be watched or listen to way the information is connected.  This process is called contextual learning by which these students can practically perform their study in different functions related to one flash card information.

3.6       Setting the goals and prioritizing their work

The student should their goals and aims when they complete their study. There is no one who will motivate the student to create their sense of achievement (Bıçak, 2019). These students should feel the control and reduced different types of study is stress when they set their goal and prioritize their important work and task.

3.7       Read aloud and recall

The student should read their flash cards and summarize it loud so that they would be easily learned by them. The handy trick to close their eyes and recall all the information they have learned and student can also memorize the points by reading it loud in front of another person.

 3.8      Lose the screen

The students should also learn to study harder to remember that what they have learned from reading this screen rather than any piece of paper or book.  By the help of this trick the information would not be mixed up with this study and it would print out the important points from the lecture and other different articles.  If the student is using book to study for hours, this would make them tired and they ultimately sleep when they are lying and reading the book for hours.

4.      Conclusion

 There are different methods by which these students can study best by making and keeping their study schedules.  This ultimately increases the sense of achievement of the goal set by the student because the student adopted these strategies to study smarter instead of harder study.  These students should equal the different study material when they need it promptly which ultimately reduces the waste of time.  These students should not rely on the inspiration for motivation.  They should work is marked by their own self by considering the above tips.  The student should simply memorize the important points by understanding the information first. After this they memorize it by creating defense organized way considering the self testing. These rodents should also use the mnemonics so that they can remember important points by the usage of different distributed practices writing it the important information in flash notes. These students can also enhance their study skills by the behavior of modification.  These students should adopt definitely strategies for separate subject and do not make all the information.


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