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RXNT Software and Its Features!

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RXNT software is well known for its ease of use and user experience (UX). It makes it easy to manage your billing, collections, denials, and much more. You can monitor billing and patient accounts from the dashboard, while the reporting module helps you analyze your data. The reports are organized in a spreadsheet format so that you can filter, sort, and search for specific information.

HIPAA-compliant for RXNT:

The integrated cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) of RXNT software helps optimize patient care and streamline workflows for practices of all sizes. Its HIPAA-compliant EHR is both ONC and EPCS-certified and meets MACRA and MIPS requirements. Other features of RXNT’s EHR include a Patient Portal, patient check-in capabilities, and integrated Electronic Prescribing. The software also meets the requirements of the ONC HIT standards for health information technology (HIT).

RXNT’s website collects certain information automatically. This information includes IP address, type of device, language, Internet browser, and location-based information. It also collects information on how users use its applications. This combined information is treated as personal information by RXNT.

Easy to use:

RXNT’s EHR is user-friendly and designed to streamline clinical management and improve patient care. It includes features like secure messaging, which allows physicians to communicate quickly with patients about prescriptions and other matters. This communication feature also helps physicians build stronger relationships with patients. As a result, patients will feel more comfortable communicating with their doctors and receiving better care.

RXNT’s EHR software streamlines workflows and improves the patient experience by providing real-time health information, integrated EPCS-certified electronic prescribing, and a patient engagement portal. It is an ONC-certified HIT solution and also helps health institutions maximize revenue by tracking practice data and analyzing projected revenues. It also allows for real-time eligibility checks, which can save time and money for health care providers.

Has a claims scrubber:

The claims scrubber built into RXNT software will help you quickly and easily review and revise your claims. This feature helps you minimize the number of rejected claims and expedite reimbursement. It works by flagging claims with corrections so you can revise them before forwarding them to the payer. It will also keep you on top of your rejected claims and flag corrections that you may have missed.

RXNT’s electronic health record software is intuitive and easy to use. It includes a built-in claims scrubber and a denial management dashboard, and it’s reasonably priced. You’ll pay about $65 per provider, per month for the basic version, which allows you to scrub up to 50 claims per month. For an unlimited claims plan, you’ll pay $150 per month.

Has a denial management module:

RXNT software offers a denial management module to streamline the process of handling denials and improving patient satisfaction. This feature automatically flags claims that have been rejected so that the practitioner can review them. This feature streamlines the billing process and results in faster reimbursements and fewer rejected claims. It has an easy-to-use interface and organizes information on individual claims in a spreadsheet.

RXNT software also has a reporting module and a dashboard to make monitoring billing and denials simple. Each collection and denial report is organized in a spreadsheet, so you can sort and filter them as needed. The software also offers US-based customer support to answer questions or provide assistance.

Improves patient care:

RXNT’s integrated cloud-based EHR streamlines workflow and optimizes patient care by providing real-time patient information. Its robust patient portal makes it easy to send secure messages, access lab results, sign documents, and review appointments. It also supports MACRA and MIPS and is ONC HIT certified.

RXNT’s suite of certified software solutions includes EHR, practice management, medical billing, scheduling, and electronic prescribing. The software also offers secure telehealth capabilities without disrupting practice workflow. RXNT’s cloud-based apps also make it easy to manage your practice from anywhere. They feature features such as facial and fingerprint recognition, electronic patient engagement, and virtual appointment scheduling.

RXNT has received numerous awards for its products. It was named a Top Performer in Capterra’s 2021 Shortlist and was included in Inc. Magazine’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. RXNT’s integrated patient portal software also streamlines the care continuum and allows office staff to focus on providing high-quality care.

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