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How To Maintain Privacy When There’s A Window In The Shower? | A Complete Guide


Last Updated on February 28, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Bathroom or shower windows are a blessing and a curse at the same time. They make your place airy and bright. But they also create problems for privacy. Shower windows create more privacy problems as compared to other windows because on other windows you can use curtains, but shower windows remain in contact with water, so simply hanging curtains isn’t a good idea.

If you also have a window right in front of your bathtub, and you want to cover it, but you cannot find a suitable way, then this article is for you. Today I am going to discuss some of the most suitable ways to add privacy in the shower area of your bathroom without disturbing its looks.

5 Ways To Add Privacy In The Shower When It Has A Window

Here are 5 very easy ways that you can use to cover the shower windows to create a completely private environment.

1. Addition Of Water Proof Window Treatment

The very first thing that you can easily do for these types of windows is to add waterproof window treatments. The only thing you have to do is to find the most suitable waterproof window treatment. Here are some window treatments that you can use for this purpose.

Waterproof Blackout Curtains

Use waterproof Blackout Curtains in Dubai to cover your windows. Don’t go with the lengthy curtains; measure the exact size of the windows and customize blackout water-resistant curtains for them. Remove the curtains once a week from the window and let them completely dry in the sunlight.


Blinds are also a great option to create privacy in the bathroom. You can use different types of blinds, such as plastic blinds, bamboo blinds, aluminum blinds, or waterproof fabric blinds in the shower to create complete privacy. The tilting slat mechanism of the blinds allows you to enjoy the sunlight and privacy at the same time.


Outdoor and indoor shades are available for all types of windows. You can use outdoor shades for the bathroom shower window to completely block the light in the bathroom. Use indoor shades if you want to open or close them on a regular basis.

Window Panels

You can also use window panels for this purpose. The window panels are available in different materials such as glass, aluminum, steel, wood, and many others. You can use any of them according to the needs of your place.

2. Frosted Glass Spray Paint

Frosted glass spray paint is another great option to create privacy in the bathroom. This spray creates a private environment in the room without blocking light from entering the place.

You just need to spray this on the window from the inner side and let it dry completely. Although this is not as reliable as window covers, it is highly cost-effective. It can bear occasional drops of water, but excessive contact with water can damage its layer.

3. Translucent Vinyl Covering

Translucent vinyl coverings are also known as Static Cling Glass Covers. They are available in sheets on the market and they can be stuck to the glass of the windows without the use of adhesives. These coverings are available in many colors, designs, and styles, so you can choose them according to the theme of your bathroom.

Before applying the vinyl covers, the glass should be completely clean. These covers occasionally fall from the windows, but they can easily be reapplied. Sometimes there is the growth of molds or algae between the glass and the vinyl cover. It is a temporary solution to create privacy, not a permanent one.

4. Glass Etching Cream

Vinyl covers are a temporary solution. If you want a permanent solution to add privacy in the bathroom, then you can use glass etching cream. This cream is very inexpensive, and after applying it to the glass window, you will be free of privacy concerns for a long time.

The application method of this cream is very easy. You have to completely apply the cream to the glass surface, keeping in mind that you don’t have to leave gaps. Leave this cream on the glass for 5 to 7 minutes. After this, you can wash the glass with soapy water or you can also use spirits to clean it.

5. Hang A Piece Of Art Over Your Window

If you want the cheapest solution for the privacy of the shower window, then you can simply hang a piece of art on the window that is the size of the window or something bigger than this. This will block the view of your shower from outside but let the air inside keep the bathroom airy.


Privacy is the basic need of the washroom to enjoy a peaceful bath in it. Shower windows are very common in almost every bathroom. Hanging window treatments, glass frosting, or vinyl covers can be the best solutions to cover the windows to create a private environment in the bathroom. Select the best solution for your windows in the shower area that is also suitable for your bathroom.

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