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Knowing these Harmful Effects of excessive drinking might help you give up an addiction


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Drinking just a drink or two of alcoholic beverages usually causes obvious symptoms of alcohol consumption. If your loved ones have a habit of drinking alcohol, you need to be aware of the effects of alcohol consumption on the body so that you know that you need to take steps to quit alcohol addiction quickly, or with the fastest alcohol detoxification method for a person who has a problem with alcohol abuse. One thing you must do is contact the best rehabilitation center in Mumbai.

Effects of alcoholic beverages

Among the side effects of alcoholic beverages, we can mention the occurrence of physical and mental problems, especially if a person consumes alcohol in large quantities without paying attention to its side effects. Due to the negative view of alcohol addiction in Iran and drunkenness being generally considered a disgrace, patients with alcohol abuse disorder do not want to accept their addiction, and for this reason, they are less likely to seek help from people around them and specialists.

This negative attitude makes the friends or family of the alcoholic not talk about the dangerous behaviors or the changes they observe in their loved one. Although many alcoholics try to hide their alcoholism and drunkenness problems, it is difficult to hide the signs of drunkenness. Family members of a patient suspected of consuming alcohol should be aware of the effects of alcohol consumption and drunkenness so that they know when to help him.

Drunkenness is one of the most important side effects of alcohol, which is thought to make a party or concert more exciting and enjoyable, but excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous. Excessive alcohol consumption has different effects on men and women. Men under the age of 65 who consume more than 4 drinks during the day or more than 14 drinks during the week have an alcohol abuse problem.

Binge drinking for older men and women is usually defined as more than three drinks per day or seven drinks per week. When someone reaches this point in their drinking, the effects of intoxication become more noticeable, making it simpler to spot the warning signs of alcoholism. 

Side effects of excessive alcohol consumption

Alcohol addiction has many symptoms that include obvious physical and mental effects. Alcohol has a lot of calories, so excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages leads to weight gain and obesity. Accumulation of fat around the abdomen is one of the common side effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

In addition, alcoholic and drunk people usually have a messy and sloppy appearance, their speech is slurred and they stagger when they walk. The drunker a person is, the less he can watch his behavior and come to his senses.

When such changes occur in an alcoholic, he has trouble interacting with colleagues, friends, or family. Also, alcoholics face legal problems such as being arrested for misbehaving in public places and driving while intoxicated. Paying fines and lawyers’ fees, along with the costs of buying alcoholic beverages, quickly empties the alcoholic’s bank account, and economic problems are added to the previous problems. If that’s the case with your loved ones then hurry and give them the right treatment by admitting them here at the best rehabilitation center in Mumbai.

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