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How to Fix a Broken Makeup Product

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We know exactly how painful it can be when your makeup is best dried, cracked, irritated and more. The pain is real, but it should not be permanent! If you are soft, you know how hard it is to find your favorite eyeshadow palette or powder on the floor. Or, if you do not apply makeup completely during this lock, you will have to deal with your worst nightmare – dry makeup.

But don’t be upset, hero! You may not know this, but there are ways to breathe fresh into your broken makeup product. Are you surprised? Or you just don’t want to! We show you how to give your damaged makeup product a new life by using these simple steps to follow.

Makeup fixing hack 1 – Press your powder makeup

This is easily one of the biggest questions any makeup junkie thinks. If you have the best eyeshadows or the best powder, you have seen a palette full of at least one powder at a time. This can happen over time, or if you leave your product completely. Let’s face it, the powder may be too small and require a soft touch. They can sometimes appear even when you are using it, so be careful! The quickest way to make your powder fresh is to use a small amount of alcohol. You can buy a new empty palette or container from tradekey.com

Sprinkle or mix some of this with your powder, and then soften with a flat brush (even a spoon or finger will do). Then comes the hard part – wait a few hours for it to work. Voila! Eye shadow firming, like new!

Makeup fixing hack 2 – Repair broken lipstick

Oh, your favorite lipstick exploded in bullets? Wait, don’t just throw it away! Here is a DIY makeup repair kit for the rescue:

First, determine if the bottom of the lipstick is larger than the part of the shed. Hold the burn close to the lipstick (not close to causing injury) and wait for it to soften. Squeeze them together with your bare hands. If the lipstick seems to be folded in half, heat the whole tube with a hot towel and set it aside.

Remember that all exercise (especially temperature) should not last more than 10 seconds. Cover any hard surfaces with a cloth. To harden the lipstick, leave the tube to sit in the fridge or freezer for a few hours, it is better to keep it fresh!

Makeup fixing hack 3 – Refresh your dried mascara

Another frustrating experience. Not everyone uses mascara all the time, so the product can become a neglected eye makeup and dry quickly. Don’t worry, dry mascara has a quick fix. Just put the closed bottle in a glass of warm water for about five minutes, roll the bottle of mascara between your palms, and you’re ready to go! In extreme cases, use a small amount of tears to do everything you can to move the bottle!

Makeup fixing hack  4 – Check for expired makeup

Of course, you want your makeup products to last longer and not wither, but you should know that they can not last forever. The first (and most important) is always keeping track of the end date on your makeup. If it dries or cracks within the deadline, this is a sign that you must remove your makeup as soon as possible. If your cosmetic product breaks down when discarded, but the bag is glass, discard it immediately. Do not try to repair damaged products in glass jars, because viewing glass can cause skin tears.

Makeup fixing hack 5 – Restores drying eyeliner in a few minutes

Eyeliner is a drying agent, especially if not properly covered when applied. If you are using gel eyeliner or bottle eyeliner, then this trick is for you. Just add a small amount of saline or a thin layer. Give it a nice shake and it is so shiny!

Here’s how to save your broken makeup! Be sure to check the expiration date on each product – and discard the expired product.

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