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Everything You Need to Know About Lifestyle The Best Cocktail Glasses

Everything You Need to Know About Lifestyle The Best Cocktail Glasses

If you are hosting a cocktail party this festive season and want to create the best impression and an awesome feel for guests, it is important that you choose the best serving glasses for your drinks. To help you make the right choice, we have put together a list of some of the most popular styles that are available on the market today.

Cocktail Glasses are a classic choice of glassware for drinks, whether you’re looking for a highball or something more exclusive. The range of glasses on offer is extensive, from classic styles to more modern designs. Here we have put together a quick guide to some of the most popular styles to see you through entertaining family and friends this festive season:

Martini glass

Starting with the classic, the martini glass is the epitome of elegance. In the traditional taste of a martini, it is easier than it seems. A good stemware is designed to keep hot hands from drinking the same concept applies to most stemware.

Margarita glass

The perfect blend of form and function, the wider opening creates a surface tension that allows drinkers to inhale the flavors and aromas of the drink.

Highball glass

The default glass for most drinks due to its versatility. Famously enjoyed with a mojito.

Champagne flute

Champagne is the ultimate celebratory indulgence and rightly so. The champagne flute is an icon of luxury with its thin elegant stem.

Champagne flutes fit the bill of luxury when it comes to entertaining guests at your table. These are plain and simple, yet stylish. They highlight the elegance of the champagne and complement a multitude of events from weddings to parties. The champagne flute is certainly one of the classic wine glasses and has many different variations for every type of occasion. Whether it be for a celebration or just a simple glass of wine, champagne flutes will always make an excellent choice. The champagne flute adds elegance, sophistication and class to any dinner party.