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7 Best Things to Do in Cambodia


Lush jungles, amazing wildlife, sprucing islands, and diverse culture is what awaits every visitor who sets foot in Cambodia. This eclectic Asian country has a plethora of things to offer to keen travelers. Besides having the opportunity to see some of the twelfth-century temples of Angkor, check the awe-inspiring animal sanctuaries, or embark on an adventuresome expedition, this ancient kingdom will not let you down. There’s everything for everyone in Cambodia, from enjoying water sports, and swimming with elephants to riding through temples on a bike, here are some of the best things you can do in Cambodia and have a time of your life. Read on.

Visit the most renowned temple in the world

One of the most ravishing and largest temples in the world is the Angkor Archaeological Park. As UNESCO World Heritage Site, this famous temple is what allures most visitors to Cambodia. And it’s a must-see for sure. This picturesque Cambodia monument is build in the 12th century and it is noted to be dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The best thing about this site is that you can hire bicycles or the famous tuk-tuk driver who can take you on a tour around the temple and learn about the history of the temple from a local. Angkor complex is open every day from 5 am to 6 pm.

Explore the beaches

Cambodia can brag about having the most lavish, laid-back, and interesting beaches in the whole of Southeast Asia. The most visited beaches tend to be Kep, Koh Rong island, and Sihanoukville, but there are also plenty of fun uninhabited islands that you can explore. What’s more, Cambodia is the best place to volunteer abroad because you can at the same time lie on hammocks and recliners, and then help gather data for environmental conservation, participate in community projects, go on a PADI Open Water course, and help save marine life. At Cambodian paradise-like beaches, you can also go snorkeling, go fishing, or dine at comfortable beach shacks.

Walk, or swim, with the adorable elephants

Only in Cambodia can you have the unique chance of walking or swimming with the herd of elephants. What started as a project to upscale the care and health of injured, abandoned, and orphaned elephants, not this 1500-hectare sanctuary became a place where you can closely observe and interact with these adorable creators. Set in the astonishing mountain valley in Mondulkiri, the Elephant Valley Project will show you have a big but gentle animal can respect a human being. Take a chance to play or swim with elephants, but only make sure you book an appointment in advance.

Try the mouth-watering delights

Besides being a country with the lushest flora and fauna, Cambodia can praise for having the most delicious meals. When you have set your mind to visit this paradise, you ought to try its food. Even though most Cambodian meals consist of plain rice and wish, you must try their specialties to taste the difference. Try the mouth-watering Fish Amok which is steamed coconut fish in banana leaves, or the famous noodles or Nom Banh Chok. If you are a fan of seafood, go to Holy Crab in Kep or Khema in Phnom Penh to get your senses enlivened.

Get mesmerized at Phare Cambodian Circus

If you are up for something utterly thrilling and unforgettable, you must visit Siem Reap and check out the jaw-dropping circus where young Cambodian performers give out the most mesmerizing cultural performance. The art organization, Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPS), doesn’t include animals in their shows, and their circus programs mainly focus on telling Cambodian folklore stories through dance, live music, theater, and acrobatics. All participants are highly trained individuals at the Battambang training campus and their sole purpose is entertainment.

Unwind at a traditional spa

The moment you get tired of exploring the temples, hiking around the lush jungles, and scuba diving in the dazzling beaches, don’t turn away and go home, but rather check out the traditional Southeastern spa. Only in Cambodia can you truly experience the traditional Khmer spa that has a genuine approach to relaxation and health. By experiencing some of the popular spa therapies or massages such as Khmer Traditional Herbal Spa, Hot Stone therapy, or Aroma Spa, you would maximally unwind, restore your stamina and health and feel revived. Also, check out the fun and ticklish Fish Spa, which is undoubtedly the most interesting thing to do in Cambodia.

A plethora of historical Museums

Those who are eager to explore a more cultural side of Cambodia instead of the wild one can go to some of its museums. Cambodia has had its gruesome history from the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, civil war, genocide, Vietnamese occupation, and even American bombings, so it wasn’t a suspire that they had made a museum in relation to their past. See the tiresome and horrible history of Cambodia by checking out a huge collection of mines in the Cambodia Landmine Museum. Also, if you are mentally up for it, you can go to Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh. This museum displays hundreds of torment photographs of victims and instruments of torture. What used to be a school, in 1975 became a cruel murder site.

Cambodia should be on everyone’s bucket list as it’s truly a flabbergasting country. From north to west, east and south – it won’t disappoint the visitors.

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