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5 Steps to Find the Right American School in Riyadh for Your Child

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How to Find the Right American School in Riyadh for Your Child?

The decision of which school to attend in Riyadh is a big one that may be overwhelming for parents for multiple reasons. Numerous elements and criteria need to be considered while making the decision. Here is a list of the necessary things that you need to consider before finalizing a school for your child-

Checklist For Finding American School In Riyadh

Let’s examine each criterion in greater detail so that it helps you narrow your options and choose the finest American school in Riyadh for your child. Although picking a school for your kid is a crucial decision to make as early as preschool, they also need to be nourished and cared for to help them develop into a global citizen. Therefore, it is crucial to pick the best syllabus & school to help your child enter the world.

  • Fee Schedule of the School

The price is an essential factor when choosing nursery schools in Riyadh. Make sure the tuition fee is affordable when it comes to choosing a school for your child. Calculate the expenses you will have to take care of if your child is accepted in a specific school. When deciding, consider the prospective financial aid the institution will offer you, and search for and register for as many grants & scholarships as possible.

  • Address of the School

When evaluating schools, decide whether you wish to reside in a rural, suburban, or urban location. How does it affect how far you reside from the school? Would you be able to use public transportation to go around the city where you reside, or will the locals insist that you possess a car? Find these answers before finalising a school for your child.

  • Acceptance Rate and Prudence

The levels of selection fluctuate amongst schools. Check the admission rates of the school you are considering before applying. Schools and colleges with better reputations are frequently more selective.

Consider your chances of admission to a prominent school and whether you would be content at a lesser-known institution. Even while a degree from a specific college holds a lot of weight, your experiences and the caliber of the education you receive eventually matter more than the degree.

  • Sports & Extracurricular Activities

You should look into whether these activities are offered on any college campuses you could be considering. You must decide if you want to pursue your current interests in athletics, theatre, dancing, art, or any other activity in college.

Are there extracurricular team sports at the school, even if you want to create a new activity? A cappella group? A troupe of belly dancers? Whatever your kid’s hobbies may be, make sure any institution you apply to can support them.

  • Safety 

You must consider looking at the security systems and protocols before selecting a school for your kid. Over the past few years, including on college campuses. Check out the crime statistics at possible schools and find out what the school is doing to ensure the safety of its pupils. 

To determine if your child would be safe in school, research properly, get feedback from others whose kids attend the school, and go online. It will eventually help you prepare a list of American schools in Riyadh that can support your kid’s holistic development while keeping them safe from internal and external threats. 


These are the most crucial considerations when selecting your child’s best school in Riyadh. Make sure you research properly before finalising an American school for your child so that it helps them shape their future in the best possible way.